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Oh, all three of you at two and fourteen and nineteen will be able to get the Sheri's berries gift certificate for fifty dollars and qualify for that drawing that will do in the next hour for those diamond earrings. So don't go away. All right, there you go. Do you wearing were. I don't have four holes posted. Yeah. My son got an earring. And I was like why is your guy? It's team is where airing I understand. But they shouldn't. Yeah. I think is look good nearing Myers. Got hugh. Nobody wants to look at you. Dumbo years, man. He put you'd have to really long ears. Don't stop growing. Right. Like when you're like really older, yours are going to be like as long as their head when I'm really older, I won't care. So right. He shouldn't care. Anyway. So what is it with Republicans and gay people? I don't know. I don't know why they care so much. I don't get it. I don't get it at all Tennessee Republicans, of course, are looking to defend marriage again like marriage is out there going help help me as I sit and watch the bachelor like ninety day fiance. Let's defend marriage. Sure. Go ahead. He wanted to anyway. So this Bill looks to defend marriage, and they wanted to find it and it as between one man and one woman, regardless of any court decision to the contrary, of course, has the people and Republicans including maybe even higher than half have had more than one, man. One woman. Right. I mean like most Americans they get divorced. So the bottom line is nearly four years after the supreme court made same sex marriage legal throughout the US, these Republicans in Tennessee. Of course, it is Tennessee or they're still waiting for their thumbs to emerge. Right. You know, if you're from Tennessee, I don't want to hear your crap because you're not there. Now, you're here because you realize Tennessee is a nightmare place to live there. They turn the clock back. It's called the Tennessee natural marriage defense act, except they actually natural for fair. Which was the first proposed in two thousand sixteen seeks to defend natural marriage between one man and one woman, regardless of any court decision to the contrary. The Bill was introduced. Last Friday, and it would deem the court's decision, which is the supreme court's decision. Overfell versus Hodges on authoritive void and of no effect. Now, I will give Republicans a break on this because it was a Republican who defended the t the gay couple, and it was oh God what was his name? I ted. And I only know it because he was his wife. He was on the phone with his wife on nine eleven was on the plane hit the Pentagon. Oh, jeez. Yeah. So what I can't remember his name. Look up attorney defended spring court decision against case and yoga because I'm getting I'm losing my mind, anyway, so these two Republicans name, Mark, Cody, and Jerry Sexton hand, both Republicans introduced a Bill which will prohibit government officials from facilitating same sex marriage and states that these officials cannot be arrested for disobeying court orders at recognize such unions. I don't get. Why? Why would you do this? You got to see these guys to also by the way. Thank you, Ted Olson and was Ted I named Theodor synthetic you're right. And I heard him talk about that conversation with his wife. Theodore Olson, David boies in oil was Ted Olsen Olsen was a guy. His wife. I believe her name was Barbara was on the plane that hit the Pentagon anywhere on the phone together. But I was always impressed that a that he continued his career and that he fought for the rights of gay people should be consistent with conservatives. Conservatives always say less government, less intervention. How could you be any more government and more intervention than telling people who they can love who can they they also want to you know, control people's bodies also. But you know, that's the hypocrisy of the world hypocritical things. But why do you guys think maybe you're Republican? You can tell me why do you have such a boner for gay people? And honestly to be fair, you really shouldn't bring up religion because we believe in the separation of church and state so anybody that wants to call up and bring God into the conversation. Really? Shouldn't how old was Jesus when he died thirty-three. Right. Something like thirty. He had plenty of time to talk about gay people if he wanted to right. I mean, that's a long time. I think at any point at eighteen or twenty or. Or twenty nine or thirty one or even on the cross could've said, you know, I blame this on gay people. Right. Judas was gay can say whatever he wants. He never said anything, you know. I mean, I'm pretty sure the ten commandments are really, right. Yeah. Do they say anything about gay people? Now what's wrong with you mentioned, the mother and the father this? I can hear people say, but honor your mother and your father. Yeah. Okay. So you honor your mother and father. So you can have your father, and you can have a mother or maybe you don't have both. If you don't have both. You're not you don't go to hell because you didn't honor both because one's dead or something, right? The truth of the matter is just stop with the whole I the debate over marriage. Should you should not bring religion into? It is my point. Maybe Moses was and he's erased the eleventh commandment, which said don't be gay dropped it. Remember? Gimme a shower. Why do you think Republicans? Do you think that that that these people are closeted gays because that's what some psychologists believe? We'll talk about that all the question is why do that why doubts protests so much next on Keijo Franklin.

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