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There's no so Russia has safer food than well, or at least in that domain yet. But the Europeans don't allow rectum either rights. That's a little red flag. Are there? I don't know at not that I trust. What what any government initially will do because of the the powers involved, but whenever we're the only country that allows certain chemical and the food and Moyes like are we just late to the party here? So the look into yes side, but that's an instance of a very specialized thing, and the the TR choose the quotas that we were allowed in terms of poor could chicken, so those are not things I knew a Stanford professor even working at the White House. And that's where it why you need a team of experts to help you get ready in a book from Cold War too. Hot piece. There are some stories. There was one in particular where I think it was like nine AM, and they brought in vodka or something like that. And you're going, well, guess I gotta take part in this. Yeah. There's gotta be some areas where you go. Look, I'm not doing this or or do you have two other courses that you guys take where it's like look. They're gonna bring advised guy. Yes. It's going to be seven thirty in the morning. You just have to deal with while there. Our courses, you know, we're sitting right now at the freemen spoke the institute for international studies, we call it here FSI at Stanford. But the State Department has their own FSI, the foreign service institute and out there, they train their diplomats in all of those. I mean, they train them in the languages, but they train them and all these cultural things as well. I didn't have the luxury of spending a lot of time in the Cy only got a day and a half of training because I was at the White House. You know, and I I literally said goodbye to President Obama and Biden in the morning, and I was sworn is faster that next Africa turn and two days later as on my way to Moscow, but though, yeah, you learn those things I had lived in there already. But but there there's some tricky things, and I made some mistakes, I definitely made some mistakes both in my use of language in particular. I think for me, that's you know, if I have some regrets. It was when I had a little too much confidence in my use of the Russian language. Okay. I did because I've been going back and forth. Forever chair. Right. I'd stop writing Russian, you know, longtime ago because I don't know I don't write in Russian, but I do read Russian and I speak Russian. It's one thing to just be doing an interview for your research or speaking to friends and Russian and a seminar. It's another thing to represent the United States of America in Russian. Yeah. And I made some mistakes, I use some slang one time. That was improper. I I should have said and it was on the record. I didn't know is on the record, by the way. That's another thing you need to learn. You're always on the record yet. You should always as a US government official. They say it's distant informal seminar. And then somebody's sitting in the room as a journalist, and and that became news. I should have said. I was referring to Russian here geeze economic relations. And at the time Putin was trying to get the the government cure STAN to close our airbase in curious, Dan. And what I should have said is he offered him the, but Kia was his name the president. He offered him at can economic assistance package. That's what I should have said. Okay. Would I did say is I said the slang in Russian Zad key. Which is bribe. Oh, they must've loved that. They did not like that. They were extremely upset at me. And that was, you know, those mistakes, he hikes, and that, of course, that got printed everywhere. Yeah. You're accusing them of bribery. An all the step of my gosh, it speaking of all this sort of injury. And always being on the record. You mentioned there were some spa sleeper cells of spies, they'd sent the United States. And this was all kind of under the table and off the record. Yeah. And we actually interviewed someone for the shows names. Jack barsky, have you heard of this guy? Oh my God. Yes..

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