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I'm Alexis Christoffersen. Today we are talking about Michael Bloomberg's presidential run who should fear his late entry into the race Moore the Democrats or Donald Trump. And of course I'm joined nobody. Rick Newman or nobody Off off the cuff. Who who fear him more the Democrats you think I? I don't know I mean I mean we're we're we're all puzzling this out so Within the Democratic field. He's most similar to Joe Biden He is a centrist. He socially liberal look liberal and a centrist So he does not want to attack Wall Street Just as Joe Biden Joe Biden says You know nobody needs to be punished. And that seems to be kind of where Bloomberg is coming from. So he's cozy with Wall Street. Obviously Muniz firm is a Wall Street firm basically He doesn't really seem to have a problem with business. The Way Elizabeth Warren does she. She wants to break up the big tech companies. He saying nothing about that. He did say We should have higher taxes on the wealthy so that's basically where all the Democrats stand He hinted where he stands on healthcare. Which is one of the biggest issues for Democratic voters He says If you can't get insurance you should be able to get it and if you have insurance sharing she likes you you should be able to keep it. So that's basically the public option idea again. That's Abidin idea and a pete. Buddha judge idea so Mike Bloomberg in terms of the front runners. He's very similar on policy to Joe Biden into people to judge but of course he has a very different background. So Biden is a you know. He's worked for the government almost his entire tire life. PG people to judge only thirty seven years old Bloomberg obviously made his money running starting and running a company he made tons of money worth fifty five billion dollar. I think trump is only worth three billion so that that probably nettles trump so We kind of know who Mike Bloomberg is what we don't know is. Is he going to connect with people and he's starting right out of the gate spending millions on ads single largest political advertising purchase in history. Thirty five million dollars for TV ads. And in fact I just saw his first one yesterday so hit the ground running but I think you make a great point you know. He was mayor of New York City offer for three terms. That is you know unprecedented right. I believe he will change so he could go for a third term right and so I think his reputation mutation I think he's thought of positivity here in New York City and he he has the reputation here in the city. But how will that translate nationally. You know there was this. Recent poll of Reuters Ipsos poll that found less than half the respondents even knew he was going to be a huge hurdle for him. It was just telling the folks this is who I am and this is what I've done that's right and in in polls Saying would you vote for him Given all the other Democrats I think he gets between one and two percent now that was before he actually jumped in and ran. So what what I think Could Happen here is You can spend a lot of money on advertising so that that will help with name. Recognition you can money can buy name recognition but money cannot buy a connection with voters. And I think that's the big difference so so His the he will more people will know his name. More people will begin to know a little bit about him but that's not going to necessarily endear him to voters and You know the way the kind of politics we have in this country. The reason that those politicians are all out in Iowa and they're going to be out there in the snow. Some of that memory in the snow last year here is because it does matter face-to-face contact matters stumbling matters right. He's Bloomberg even going to show up in some of these You know at some of these town halls or received just going to basically try to mail it in from a corporate. HQ in New York City. We don't know we'll right now. He's got a show. He cannot advertise your way the presidency that alone now oh and I can tell you it sounds like sour grapes from some of these Democrats Bernie Sanders Accuses Bloomberg of trying to buy the election. Warren this is a quote we need to build a grassroots movement. That's how Democracy is supposed to work really but you know let's be fair Bloomberg's answer to them. Is You guys suck as Canada's that's I mean pretty much and you can see I mean honestly you can see his point which is Elizabeth Warren she if she she's close to being the front runner to be the guy running against the person I should say running against Donald trump trying to beat him next November. Saying I WANNA take everybody's healthcare way healthcare insurance away. I mean that is even among people who don't like trump trump. I think Bloomberg's right I think if Elizabeth Warren is the nominee And I don't think Bernie Sanders has a chance but Elizabeth Warren does have a chance. I just think that's an untenable a position. As a general election makes you can earn volume moderates and independents by telling them that. But here's a thought will Mike Bloomberg Split the vote for the Democratic primary ticket such that he actually plays to Bernie Sanders or to Warren. We don't know and he doesn't know but that is a risky. T takes here. I don't know if it is because so here's what we know about his strategy. He is not going to do the usual traditional thing and spend a little bit of remaining time left before the first vote Go get cast. He's not going to focus on the early states. Iowa New Hampshire South South Carolina Those states don't have a lot of votes in the reason that candidates spent so much time there is momentum if you can win one of those states or come in You you know a tight second or third or have a surprise showing you generate momentum people say oh wow. This guy is connecting with voters. More than I realized that this woman But that's kind of the only reason the big vote the votes are all in the most populated states and that seems to be what what Bloomberg's going after so California has ten times as many any delegates as Iowa does New York State and Texas. I mean those are the those are the big. That's where the votes are so we might see that that kind of campaign and given what trump did in two thousand sixteen I mean. I'm not sure there's any kind of rulebook anymore all politics all the Democrats have been running traditional campaign show up in Iowa for months and months. Let's go to all these town. Halls was with Warren with her cell. Fees hit every county burbs onto something with this strategy. Who knows what the one thing I will? Just keep going back to his. If it's just advertising right I don't care if he spends ten billion dollars on ads if he's not gonNA brings me to my next point so the the if the rules of a Democratic National Committee Hold Through Two Thousand Twenty Mike Bloomberg wouldn't even be able to participate in any of the televised debates because under those rules. You're supposed to I guess raise so much money in sort of a grass roots type movement. which he's already said he's not going to accept right up? He's not gonNA waste time trying to get donations for any any substitute for going toe to toe with the candidates for the American voter Just as an aside let me just say there's one refreshing thing about the fact that he's not trying to raise money is when you you go to his website. You don't get a pop up very first thing that says please donate money every other candidate you go to their website and you get the you know you actually want to find out. What's going on with their candidacy? You gotta up get through that so you don't have to do that on Bloomberg site I think that These do you think the debates have been good. I think they've been entertaining Oh Oh you are glutton for punishment. They've also taught me more about who these candidates are because I didn't know much about Pete Buddhis- and Kamla Harris so I think in that respect. They sort of did their job for me because now I know who these folks aren't what they believe in. I guess that's a good point. I I'm not sure these debates count for very much For one thing we've seen Declining ending viewership. I mean For like the last four. It's just been going down down down. That just seems to suggest People are not generating rating interest or. They feel like if they've seen one they've seen enough and when I watched them I feel like having ten people on stage counterproductive because it all comes down to you know Joe Biden is going to get a thirty second sound bite on something. Is he going to slip up or not. I mean you actually the comes a point when you actually WanNa hear them say what they think. And there's just so rapid fire and they all have their prepared lines because they know they're only going to get a very limited amount of time speak Blah Blah So I'm seems to me being in. These debates is not a requirement for success in the past. He has to have another way though. Then maybe he will stump a lot and go to are these cities and shake hands with a lot of people I think Bloomberg needs to learn something from trump. Believe it or not What trump did in two thousand sixteen and continues to do The reason trump wanted twenty sixteen was because he did the best job of branding his campaign and his candidacy and he stuck to it. He was very consistent in his branding. He had a great slogan. Keep America make America great again. I'm sorry I'm getting mixed up with the new slogan I mean I totally disagree with a lot of what trump stands for but he connected with voters because he convinced them that I'm not the usual And I'm something different than I thought. I thought he had a very simple message. And this is the one thing. Trump is actually really good at in marketing and branding and putting on a show That is not something Bloomberg was has ever been known for. I mean he's sort of a technocrat. He's a pragmatist. More of the his name's on buildings to though just like tron. That's that's not enough. You know you know the for trumpets the prodigious use of twitter order and when hold rallies he he just goes around the media. He doesn't he never requires the media. Or Elsie find friendly media to help him get his message out. So trump has found a way to go talk to voters in ways that suit his own interest and aren't Governed by anybody else's rules and I think Bloomberg would would need to do something like that too and I don't know how how he would do it. I mean can I cannot see Mike Bloomberg holding rallies in stadiums. Oh don't be so sure. He's doing things that we may have never thought he'd do..

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