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Results of the study have yet to be published or reviewed by independent scientists and Taco Bell has announced its own wine to pair with the cheesy treat jalapeno Noah is, said Teo meant to go along with a new Toasted, cheesy Chiluba. Taco Bell says the Canadian made red wine is silky with notes of wild strawberry, cherry and beet root. For now, the wine and the special Chiluba are now only available in Canada. Let's check out the five Looking at Irvine on the south on five of the 1 33 do have reported crash in Lane's not much more information than that. But I can see some volume approaching from about Culver. Dr. In Riverside on the 2 15 South bound before Central We have a disabled vehicle taken away the left lane. So that's gonna be rough for you from Martin Luther King Boulevard Ko Phi, and this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff bought with an update on Angeles Crest a little bit of a smoky flavor up here. I'm sure Now this second call we've had about this. We're talking about Angela's crest coming out of the mountains down towards large Kenyatta. This location is little different from last time is that Starlight Crest that's just above the locking the other country Club and J pl. So what's going on there? Notify our start The Fire Department three questions she's become helping with traffic, so there must be some slowing coming down there, so I'll be very careful. Back to the freeway Now in Diamond Bar. Always complicated spot is the 60 North 57 merge at Grand is a lot of activity on the off ramp. The North 57 approaching that merges a little so as his morning drive slow going the other way. Not too bad injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Bark, a F I and the sky If I and this guy helped get you there faster, I'm robbing banks. The Dodgers held on to a one. Nothing lead into the sixth inning against the Padres yesterday. But then San Diego's back came alive, including a five run seventh Toa Hand the boys in blue, a 7 to 22 Ft. Despite the loss manager Dave Roberts still had praise for reliever Pedro Baez. Pedro. I have full confidence in it, and it's not the trust with plague, and clearly I just felt that where he was at Pedro that was in a good place as Faras rest and ready to go, and I thought he messed up well. Game two today with Tony Consulate on the mound, you can hear every dot game Live on AM 5 70 Sports presented by your Mercedes Benz dealers of Southern California, proud supporters of Dodger baseball. After a day off the Angels host the Diamondbacks at 6 40. Julio Tehran will start I'm Wayne Rez. Metcalfe, I sports. I know you've been listening to me talk about get upside this new app and the promo code, Conway and you really haven't found the time yet to do it. Maybe you've heard Gary in Shan and talk about get upside promo code. I Conway Not Gary, not Shannon will Every day You put this off. You're losing money. So stop what you're doing unless you're driving..

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