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I don't love superhero movies it was you know but i felt like i had to see it broker so i felt like i go on i saw nice try i'm so nervous right now she's on a tight rope it was good i know you know are you familiar with reparations anyway everyone was saying how good it was and i never go see super i didn't like wonder why i don't like superhero movies like okay i'll check it out we saw third of it redoubt it's still superhero movie so yes you can't what are you gonna do i saw a little bit of laura laura croft at one to what's it called tomb raider tomb raider i saw little what's the russian one jennifer it's bureau what was real bad i walked in and she was she was having sex with some guy and they're someone had brought their toddler and the toddler was walking around the isles but he didn't sneeze want so i stayed till the credits didn't i only watch the kind of a highlight of going to the universal movies this often toddlers i know movies like writ sparrow moshe what was the last movie we just need one movie and one that you saw its entirety i saw the that john kristen ski quiet place why plays move it and it was interesting interesting movie you know i'm i'm fluent sign language so i i knew how good they were or were not at sign language in that film there is sign language in the film not to spoil anything but most of it's like.

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