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We're focused here on healing quest on the natural options to help us all achieve optimum wellbeing. Well, thank you for joining us as usual. We have lots of ground to cover and some of it's going to be controversial. For example, we're going to examine the research on gluten. A topic that many Americans think is essentially a marketing hoax. But we're going to be talking with one of the world's leading microbiologists. And he says the science shows that gluten and wheat protein Hurt 100% of everyone who is exposed to them that you heard that right 100% of everyone that's exposed to them. So fortunately, he has a suggestion about how to help our G I tract recover from that damage, which is a much bigger health challenge than we thought. So we'll have that information for you about 10 minutes. We'll also find out how to turn up the heat on fat cells and will try to help you avoid a diet fallacy that many people fall for when they're trying to lose that belly fat. We have the details on one big study showing that falling for this fallacy may leave you with a bigger rather than smaller waistline. That sound good. And we're going to find out about the healing properties of a medicinal herb that was once available only to Southeast Asian royalty. So it's now available to all of us and also That's good news for both men and women. Finally, Judy has a guest today on her wild woman Wisdom segment who has an interesting cure for the growing problem of loneliness in our modern culture. I'm going to be speaking with author Sarah Wilson. She's a best selling author. NEW New York Times Best selling author Amazon best selling author and in this, her latest booked this one wild and precious life When things she really addresses is is the The epidemic of loneliness, Um, not just in our country but in the world, and she says there's a cure for that, and I think you're going to want to find out what that is. But let's start today's show by catching up on some research in the world of natural health, including a big study about why big waistlines are a big health risk Findings, published in The New England Journal of Medicine report that Having a waist measuring more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men nearly doubles the risk of dying prematurely. That's more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men. Well, the research involved more than 350,000, European men and women. The key problem is belly fat that accumulates around abdominal organs, In addition to study in Britain, called the Million Women Study. Found a direct link between an increase in waist size and coronary heart disease over a 20 year period. Well, 36 year study done by Kaiser Permanente right here in Northern California, found that Those with the abdominal obesity and middle age were almost three times more likely to develop dementia later in life than those who didn't have the excessive abdominal fat and a study in Holland linked body and abdominal fat to an increased risk of breast cancer. So we have your attention now about paying attention to your waistline. We have a few suggestions about maybe how to shrink it. Well, obviously, it's important to exercise regularly, something as simple as walking. That's a good thing, and it's really important to eat better, and we have some suggestions about that. Well, first of all, we want to make sure you don't fall for the misconception that cutting calories means cutting meals. Now a study at Ohio State University has found that skipping meals not only doesn't work It can lead to abdominal weight gain, and that would be that belly fat. We're trying to get rid of. That's right. Well, researchers say, a number of small meals throughout the day and we've heard this over the years for many different doctors and different plans that you know these three. These small meals throughout the day is the best plan because skipping meals Just set your body up for larger fluctuations in insulin and glucose, and that can lead to fat gain instead of fat loss. Just the thing you're trying to avoid, you know, and skipping meals are drastically cutting calories has one other problem. It can make unhealthy food look more attractive Junk food or Sally Fallon calls the pornographic food. Exactly. So to lose those pounds don't skip meals, and that's especially true for breakfast. Research from the American College of Cardiology says skipping breakfast is associated with atherosclerosis, which is hardening of the arteries due to a build up of plaque. Well, the research involved over 4000 male and female volunteers, and the results showed that those who skipped breakfast had a much higher incidents of hardening of the arteries than the other participants. They also had bigger wastes and body mass index along with higher blood pressure and glucose levels, the study's author says. Having a healthy breakfast every morning is one habit that can definitely reduce the risk of heart disease. And keep your waistline in check. If you're just joining us, I'm Roy walking heart and I'm Judy Brooks and you're listening to healing quest, and we're talking about the critical importance of keeping your waistline at a healthy circumference. Big word. In other words, you want to smaller waistline. Exactly. Now, when it comes to diet, we have three waist slimming ingredients to recommend. The first one is sentiment. Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that the essential oil in cinnamon Turns up the heat on fat cells, so the result is improved metabolism that induces fat cells to burn more energy and protect against obesity. We like to put cinnamon in our coffee. That's one way to get cinnamon to your diet, and you know if you have oatmeal or something for a little cinnamon on it It's not sweet, Really. So you might want to a little honey or something to it to the process is called a thermo genesis. And scientists say cinnamon is one good way to make that happen. Another good ingredient in slimming your waistline is black tea. Scientists that U C L A have found that black tea promotes weight loss by changing bacteria in the gut. What happens is that bacteria associated with obesity decreases. While bacteria associated with lean body mass increases. Now the results are similar to the weight loss benefits of green tea, but this is the first time they've actually been confirmed for black tea. Researchers say. Both cheese also boost good microorganisms, and what they do is they contribute to our well being and deliver antioxidants and those antioxidants help keep ourselves healthy and third would like to recommend cauliflower is part of your healthy waste plant. Now cauliflowers often referred to as one of the healthiest foods on Earth because it not only helps control weight, it also wards off cancer, heart disease and brain diseases are all things we'd like to ward off. Also, it has 1/10 the carbs of white or brown rice, and it's packed with vitamins K C and B six. It's a great alternative to white rice and gluten free grains. And it can be mashed buttered are fried. Now we always buy organic cauliflower to avoid the pesticides and maximize the nutrition and and California actually has become one of my favorite vegetables. 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