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We're here to give it to you and. How are our mayor's Gaddis Janette link been forsyth and we have a brand new governor. This is so exciting Chris Wick is the ghost town governor and there's only room for one. There can only one hypo only one at a time. So unless Chris relinquishes his governorship. Only be one. But we want to thank all our patrons and all of our political leaders in Ghost town. Thank you very much for the support could not do it without you. We have probably as you're listening to this, the ghost town merchandise I think is thirty five percent and he can find it a ghost town pod Dot com slash shop I think, and we have Promo code for any other time for our patrons and there is a new. There's the new patron tear cat check that out I think I think it is Alderman. Yeah. We've been knows what an Alderman does all do it now you do it now. I looked up. Comptroller Alderman House better. So. You could find that bonus episodes episodes without any ads we're talking. Yeah, get. It is patriots dot com slash ghost town pod. Thank you for people that review on Apple podcast we have. Essentially two youtube channels we have. Ghost town podcast. Then youtubecom Seles Jason Horton for some. Stuff and you have all the stuff tiktok. Everything's goes down pod check it out. It's great. It's just more content empire you're helping US build a very underwhelming empire. Yeah. Congratulations as a non nine nine, a non financially viable. Empire, but thank you all the same empire all the same. So let's just get right back to I'm down with that. Excited to get back. Let's get married Lewisville's boulevard. Let's get down to go down the road up into the hill a little bit and hit the house. So. For the better part of fifty years, the house was untouched in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, the house sold in an auction to emily and Julian Rica's. Now. What House is famous for are these photos, Christmas tree on open presence magazines food. And from what I gather there's people that supposedly rented the house because the in Rica's Rica's has re Kansas Rica's lots of SNZ's they never actually moved in there they just ask. Maybe at a steel. I mean how much does a murder Housego for other lot very little very. The house goes for two point, five, million I looked up who is that more or less than the home alone house No. What the? I might be more is it? Yeah it's. It's a big house in Chicago suburb but I think. Yeah. All right. That says something to be says something to me and you know some people said, well, it couldn't be the peril sins house because they were Jewish while we have a Christmas tree because like I know plenty of Jewish people selects cultural holidays don't think.

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