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Going to start up where you're Podcasting from 36. So says the brick. I'm extremely jealous. Yeah, it's a great place. Brad. The painter says, John, I'm a musician. Get off the bed now. Covert. 19 has nothing on what's living in that room. Very picture of the Ruhr shot stain on the bottom of the mattress town. You'll enjoy better. You better get permission from the brake before you publish that to a six many a time my band played the brick and spent the night in the upstairs apartment. No idea. Crazy. Travis Borghi Tuo Sixes Meth. I can focus the person have scattered minds but can cause paranoia and insane thoughts and behaviour. I lived in San Diego in the late eighties, when math was everywhere. That's why I left. Seattle is now far, far worse than San Diego Wass. Area code two of six. Hey, dude, we have a mental health system. But like many healthcare conditions, like back pain there many people for whom we haven't figured out relief to Oh, sixes. Maybe shooting up in public shouldn't be a misdemeanor. Yeah, and on the turkey's business, 36 So can't. The turkey's just go on a diet. Too old six, has cooked the large turkey and then take food to the elderly neighbor. There you go. And 253. This is going to be the best day in Thanksgiving holiday ever. Nobody coming over. Fantastic Christmas. Nobody coming over again. Fantastic. Let's do this all the time. Ah, she's too Oh, sixes. I like out. Tom's bleeding Heart wants to save turkeys from the chopping block by starving them. It's much more humane, not starving them. Just don't stuff them too. The gills for 25 broad breasted market turkeys cannot be kept alive longer than a set amount of time without causing significant injury and harm to the animals. Okay, this I didn't know letting them stay alive, seizing to feed them or letting them free would be cruel. 206 says, and deep fried frozen turkeys make the best turkey stories do not do it, But people still do that. Do it. Yes. Talk radio 36. So talk radio leans right because people who are listening are on their way to work. To work for 25. I'm with Tom on this one. Pat the head and thick from orcas. To be fair. Fox News just successfully argued in court that no reasonable person would believe that anything on Tucker Carlson's show would qualify as factual news. Amy Barrett the judge 2536 John, It's OK for both sides have radical politics, even got the Supreme Court even get on the Supreme Court. But when Republicans can cheat And not hold a vote four years ago and win, then completely switched the script. When again not okay. I like this one. I think area code two of six, Tom. Just borked. Curly. I think so. I think that's okay too. 06. Curley's like the drunk uncle of Thanksgiving. Bring up old politicians that most people that table are too young to remember. Oh, sorry. I'm sorry. Well, there you are in your rocking chair and that upstairs room in an attic in a box. I think going back to the forties, Ames and his aqua Amy Conan Barrett continues to give her non answers in the hearings, and then we'll follow the right wing agenda. Once on the.

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