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Said he got a rock will definitely got my head in a paid price. For now, who's going to be fun? First I'm picking, II said. I gave Eric the absolutely first. So then it'll be Eric Vince. And then we'll do. Ladies first, Nancy and then John. That's how we'll do it. The first item. Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. A lot of to Signed Augusta Scorecards. Second Item 1940. Play Ball. Ted Williams card number 27 Graded five Swan, a scale of 1 to 10. It's a five, which on an older car, that's a nice looking card. 1941 Play Ball, Joe Tomorrow Joe DiMaggio card number 71 4 and the fourth item. 1963 Pete Rose, rookie card number 5 37 created five. So Eric, which ended higher of those four, Okay, um Solely for it being the rookie card. I'm going to go with the P Rose rookie card. Eric says Pete Rose rookie events. Man. It's It's kind of tough here. I really want to go with Ian or Palmer. Jack Nicklaus just because of just this week and all that, But I'm gonna go with the 41 41. Joe DiMaggio OK, Nancy Consultant here else, Janet and she says, number one, Arnold Palmer and Jack OK, the two signs scorecards and that leaves John Drummond. Are you goingto double up on somebody, or you gonna take the one? Nobody's picked. Well, I'm gonna take you. I think I'll be there right now. I've gotta go. I'm gonna go 1941 card Williams for 06 that year. I have to go with Ted Williams, other than with that, where they're going with the module. But okay, so the 40 play ball Ted Williams. It's a 1940 play ball. 40 not 41. 41 was 41. Correct. I'll take Jodi because you're going up with that. Okay, let's go to farthest from as he looks like Eric directly at Nancy..

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