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Need to buy one product and that might lost you in any situation you wanna be in like ona's zoom and we own i own one stephen owns one as well because if i'm traveling anywhere to anytime for show it's ways recorded on the zoom because i know the zoom is gonna get it right every single time those things are amazing laptop running software that's recording all that the software could record wrong the inputs could be wrong when you when you have a dedicated recorder all of the fear really goes away as long as it's got power or battery it just it's it's not a problem and the only thing is i i will say it is a little bit weird in that like when you plug it in to use inefficient kinda you still have to turn it on and say please put this in usb audio mode and all of that so it's more fiddly than a regular up every time but it is super versatile the h six again is one of those things that like i bought h four which is which is a lot cheaper it's two hundred and i really liked it and then i realized i was doing podcast with six people or more and that they made one that i could record six microphones and i bought more microphones eight six i sold off the h four because the six is about three hundred and fifty bucks it's not cheap but it is so versatile and if you ever expect to leave your room and record podcasts out in the world or go on trips and talk to people like it is it it is a spectacular piece of technology and i remember i was telling stephen hackett this not too long ago i remember the first contact flash based recorded that we got it macworld it took like i want to say i don't think it was maybe it was four double as for w batteries and you could record for about forty minutes and then the batteries were dead and the compact flash card could hold you know a couple of hours and that was it today with these recorders if you put four aa batteries in these things they'll go for like twelve fifteen twenty hours i don't know it's a long time a very long time and and those st cards will hold days of audio so you can literally just keep recording things and never erase it and it would be a long time before the card filled up so it's pretty amazing how the tech has advanced on audio recording stuff and it's it's worth keeping in mind especially if you're not if you're not recording podcasts on skype but you're just doing things in person with people you don't even need a computer setup then you need microphones and a recorder and do it that way all right let's quickly bless her to software because i feel like i have less to say on the south shore because it's too complicated to get into in detail we both use logic pro ten for our editing i think we have both used garish bond garage band that's what you should start with but guess with something point dealing with lots of tracks you've got lots of the clips that you want to put in that you need something that has a bit more versatility a little bit more reliability and that's when logic steps in but there is a huge learning co for logic i recommend finding a company that is a close on it and taking a look at those closes to try and help understand how to use it because it is difficult because it's not made for podcasting it's made for music so you kind of have to bend it to your willa little bit but it is great we both use audio hijack from rogue amoeba as a way to record our audio coming in right now.

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