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On those channels about this stuff kind of nonstop weekend week out. We're GONNA include some other people that you might know from around the show we'll get Alejandro a hundred take on things about the national team things about the Mexican league. We'll get Craig Burley to talk about Turkey Lozano because you know you need that in your life some of the other folks from fc who have kind of that European being perspective The chance to debate with us some of the things about this nationally. We had a good like to give people an idea. We have that top five concacaf players in Europe and like Craig Burley he was our right modernity which easier. Maybe yeah was that we were both in all that you put Shuki sign on in your you. Remember the top five news I will was number one undisputed Christian Pulisic. Yes you had to but I had way lower had a Christian because at that time he was coming off five or six calls. Yeah since has fallen off the radar citizens right. He's injured tweeted. He was hundred percent tweet. That was weird since his injured injured. Okay three a davies is on their four ticket. The Dole Exeter was three or four door five on there because because I was like well. He's in a Champions League team and they had they had advanced at that point. Who doesn't play? Hey but it's a disaster. What's going on with him at at Napoli? It's yes a hundred percent. It's a bad club. And it's and it's now in a war situation we've got through. So the attacking prospect got to take over that attacking team Juki and like I actually saw. Okay hopefully this guy will come off. It went from bad to worse as he starts off playing as a second nine. which is nowhere near your skill? Set his best type of football and he hasn't seen the field sense. Yeah Yeah and And I've gotTa tell you when I watch I don't know much about saga but when I watch got through so coach it's like watching like You eight manager. He runs up and down the silent up. We just yells at the guys I can't imagine that there's much tactics going on there. And I'm very very anti-god Tucson. How can you tell you seem fine? Yeah about the the to get all all right. So that's all from here in Los Angeles. We're going to do this in podcast. Form a little bit more but Right now if you're in the pot in union the Internet zone whatever over the Youtube Channel Checkout E._S._p._N. A._F._C.. Start checking out those videos. Because we'll be doing this every single week and we'll see you next month onto on three..

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