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Pick up your phone right now and call us twenty four hours a day at this number, eight, hundred, six, three, oh, eight, eight, five, eight, hundred, six, zero, three, zero, eight, eight, five, eight, hundred, six, zero, three, zero, eight, eight, five, that's eight, hundred, six, zero, three, eight, five. You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan. Alvarez and Mike Beebe on the sports byline broadcasting network. Show Brian Alvarez here wrestling observer live I am flying solo at the moment. Maybe. Mike Simple VP will be on today maybe you own I. Guess We'll find out unable to connect to us right now. So. I'm here. To talk the clash of the Champions Gold Rush pay per view here today. Go over all the matches and if you've got thoughts on all of this, we'll start with text messages here four to five, seven, eight, zero, seven, five, six, six. Forty five seven zero, seven, five, six if anything of great note happens send me a text because I'm not listening to it obviously because I'm doing this show but I do have the pre show on in the background, everyone's just talking to each other looks very, very exciting. So fill me in if there's anything that I'm missing here. So as noted, we got two matches off the show tonight. Nicky Cross is off the show and it Nyah and Shayna baseler are also off the shell. I, doubt they will tell us why they're just probably not going to be there so. Obviously, the take team title match is not going to take place because the champions are unavailable. The women's champion over is Bailey at this exact moment and this doesn't mean much but she has her gear on. Now, I don't know when she was told. The Nikki Cross was unavailable for the Shell. Nor do I know when? Live Morgan and Ruby riot were told when they weren't working, but it's possible that. It's possible daily didn't even know until. Like we knew about an hour ago, this would not surprise me in the slightest. So she may have put on Oliver Gear and is now finding out that she's either not working or perhaps she's got another opponent. So these are the matches. For the show here tonight. We have Oscar versus Zelina Vega for the raw women's title. At, least earlier, this was scheduled to be a pre show match. If we've lost two matches off the main show, maybe this will be moving to the main show. I guess we shall find out Oscar minus fifteen hundred favorites prize it's not hire. So. We'll see how this match ends up in the ring that is for the raw women's title. Bobby Lashley faces Apollo crews for the US title. Lashley is a minus nine fifty favorites. So could be a good match. We've seen this match multiple times. It's like w does is a lot. It's either it's either one extreme or the other. We have a match that we've seen fifty times or we see a match where Oscars facing a manager there's there's like no middle ground. We've got sorrow and ships gain October's Luce. House party, which we've seen multiple times. It is for the SMACKDOWN TAG team titles. They've been doing singles matches on smackdown which CICERO and Nakimora have repeatedly one. I think there was one exception but. That may mean to lose House party is going to win the TAG team titles why Chows Party has been portrayed as jobbers they're going to win the tag team titles I guess just to fool you. And why would it fool you because that's preposterous that they would win the tag team fouls after basically being jobbers us when we saw something like that happening Jenner Mahal I seem to recall that did not work out very well. We got these street prophets versus Andrade Angel. Garza for the rotating titles a match that we have seen. Multiple Times. We've seen so many times the champs don't want to face the challenges because they've already beaten them multiple times but. Andrade an Angel Garza one week after breaking up they end up becoming number one contenders so On guards a minus one forty favorites to win this match. That'd be nothing. We Got Jeff Hardy versus Zane versus Aj for the intercontinental title in a ladder match, they're not even pretending that like both of these belts are meaningful. They pretty much told you one of the belts as meaningful Sammy's anes belt is a joke. It's a replica belt is a toy it doesn't matter and so. You know my guess is that. Jeff Hardy is retaining because they did a three way with no ladder on smackdown, and of course, Jeff Hardy had the win, but the pin was stolen. So because of that I presume that Jeff Hardy is probably going to win the title Roman reigns versus.

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