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Up in the you know there's some potential there but you wouldn't want to count on him for any production this season and given that he's a young big man who islamic contrary to popular opinion especially when you know it's not a guy who's like doing a lot of posting up or anything you know. He's not as skill based those guys you know. They always say big ben. Take longer to come along like that kind of player actually me you can contribute right away in the fact that we haven't seen that yet. Am of this wasn't a bad summer league but it wasn't a great summer league to me either <hes> anything else on him or you move on to the other williams on their summer league rosser no it's let's move on to grant williams so graham williams was somebody who was an analytic starling at tennessee but somebody who i had not seen play a single minute before somberly kimberly and it is very unusual for players with his physical profile so he's listed six seven to thirty six that type of edo so he's a big of four five who doesn't have that sort of that sort of frame and he doesn't have the from what from what i could tell he doesn't have like the gigantic span like someday draymond green. Who's when you say that that sort of frame. What do you mean just like a heavier heavier guy. Who isn't a you know. There's there's six seven players who play larger larger than their their height. Duda duda wingspan vert vertical ability all that kind of okay but like in terms of like his strength. He's pretty strong but yeah yeah okay okay but so player players like that often. Don't stick ethan should withdraw and i had a conversation about like trying to find the next draymond green know that kind of stuff unreal jim radio last week. If you want to listen to that but so i was skeptical but then when i saw him play there was a lot that really liked and what's struck me originally and this does not happen several which is why it struck me is he looked very active active and effective as a communicator on the floor and you don't see that very often in summer league period but you don't see it with rookies and it seemed like he knew what was what's going on defensively was trying to get his teammates on the same page and i did really like that and beyond that or the other pieces you know his his shot look solid i wanna see more of of it and he makes good decisions with the bombs hand so i'm always skeptical of players who kind of come into the league and you have to kind of think about okay. They're gonna have to do a lot of things right but he did enough to make me feel more positive than i expect. Jared dudley is kind of the analog for him but he's got a little bit more of a cut body a little more athleticism than dudley dudley projected as a better shooter coming out of school but i thought the jump shot looked pretty good egos questions about williams well. What do you do on offense and that's going to have to start with a a viable jump shot. I thought he didn't have a huge dip to his jumper. He got the shot off. Quickly ended up shooting seventy one thousand nine hundred thirty seven percent from downtown in town in the five games that he played showed the ability to put the ball in the fourth thought its first step was actually a little bit quicker than anticipated but doesn't really have the explosion to finish well at the rim. I thought on the perimeter his deepens again. The feet..

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