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My favorite all right now. Is that time of the episode where we share with each other our favorite parts of Biscayne National Park. We haven't told each other our answers so it's all surprise Matt. What was your favorite thing to do here? Well I think it is pretty hard to beat snorkeling especially for someone like me. Who's terrified of that type of thing or who was terrified? My entire life that thing in this setting so it was not only really fun but it has another level of meaning to me to do that and jump off a boat and how. I was so pleasantly surprised by how quickly everything can clicked into place and I instantly thought calm and excited and just like yes. This is wonderful and I can just do this all day do this. Time and again and it was mesmerizing. So I would say that was my favorite thing absolutely I one hundred and ten percent times a million agree because when you just jump in that water and you get into it for your first time. They're just in it. You're it's like you're in a movie it's like you're in in this beautiful beautiful experience like experiencing wildlife for the first time and you can see all happening in front of you. It's like basically goes into a fish eye lens right where you're like you just seeing everything happening and that goes saying earlier about chasing different fish and then all of a sudden distracted and there's another one It was just such a fun experience because there is no other worries in the world. Now you're so focused on one fish. That's what I was focused on and what was happening around it and just Seen how this Wildlife is wild Yeah I remember that. That's an important part to the the intense focus and I felt that with very specific things like all of a sudden. The only thing is I'm concentrating on our breathing correctly. You know like me to remind and stuff okay breathe and then making sure waters not going into my snorkel my mask and stuff and then just aside from that looking at everything and experiencing it and being you know completely captivated so it's just from my normal life as as a creature who lives on land like this is completely different and forces you to just recalibrate and focus entirely on different things and that was fun days. I could literally there was just. Yeah it is. It is therapy Kind of like Sandra saying you know national parks when you're in it and you're you're really in it and it just relieves anxiety. All fears all depression. All everything and all you get to do is focus. Yeah One hundred percent. Yes yes so. Let's talk about things that you should bring to this national park. If you're planning on visiting reservations things. Yeah that's the number one because you're lucky enough to have a yacht or boat or something you that you absolutely need that even then even then take get a reservation and go on one of these tours. Because you're gonNA learn so much. The guides are really well educated. They know what they're talking about. And they're going to know the best places to go Yeah this is one of those parks where there isn't a lot you can do it unless you have a reservation to do something activity a tour because there's very limited things on on the mainland. There's that Jedi trail excellent Visitor Center. But you're really missing out if you don't go out and you need to go. You know quite a ways like miles out to get the keys and then beyond that to go snorkeling so reservations are important and as far in advance as possible. They weren't differ other. We made ours like a week in advance or whatever and it was totally fine. Yeah but still. Obviously I can't hurt and then bringing Sunscreen but like waterproof sunscreen is huge And then learning how to apply water Bought a proof like sunscreen. Because I've made a mistake where I like. You know I'll put it on and then I'll jump right in the ocean and you have to let it like basically cure for a couple of minutes to really actually just sink into not getting burnt. Yeah for sure and then if you have any wetsuit stuff by all means bring that it would save some money to rent those in addition or be like as we bought her own now after. That never ready. Yes we have our own fins which are really cute. I know I went away them. Just walk around with them. They're so cool wet suits and we even have the snorkeling. Life vests with the whistle. Just in case right Because it's always better to be prepared And that whistles more if you know anything goes wrong and you're gonna you might need it and most of the Times. We're in a very safe environment but it's always better to be prepared so yeah and then this isn't so much to bring but something to bear in mind and you touched on this a little bit but if you're going snorkeling and gear like you and your facial hair then yes you might not be expecting this but like what. What did you wind up having to do? I had to put Vassil. Lean all over my face all around the eyes and everything and it still didn't even work that great so when you WanNa go snorkeling you definitely want to Shave you want to have his bare face as you can right so that way? You can the the masks improperly seal to your face yeah and the vaseline helps without so basically if you're if you look dumbledore you probably should not snorkeling because you need a lot of ethylene. If you're like a wizard yes wizards. Beware GATT right. Probably not the activity for you but good good to know so. I think it's safe to say that. In addition to having some of my favorite slash most ridiculous history of all the National Parks Biscayne holds a very special place in my heart for helping me overcome my irrational fears. All my fears are rational. You've come a long way from your jaws fearing days. I mean to be clear. I'm still terrified of Juhasz. This gain is basically the emotional training wheels. I needed to help me take this new leap both literally and figuratively and we barely even scratched the surface here Because truly it's ninety. Five percent of this enormous and beautiful place is below the surface. You've been listening to Parkland. Yeah a show about National Parks Park land as through production of iheartradio. Created by. Mac KEROUAC Brad Care. Whack and Christopher has Yoda's produced an edited by Mike John. Our executive producer is Christopher has Yoda's R. Researcher Justin Shield especial thanks goes out to Gabriel Collins Crystal waters and the rest of the park land crew. And Hey listeners. 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