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Ago at W -T -O -P. We're way past being just a radio station. We're on all your devices, your computer, your smart speaker, even that thing you used to make calls on, you know, that phone in your pocket. W T O P news on your smart speaker or in your pocket with a free W T O P app. Everything you need every time you listen. Prime Day is coming July 11th and 12th with two days of epic deals exclusively for Prime members. You'll feel like you just won an award. Oh, wow. I didn't even prepare a speech. I'd like to thank my family for always needing stuff. Also, Sam, my delivery guy for bringing all my awesome deals so fast. You're the man, Sam. Deals from Garden to Decor. It's on Prime Day, July 11th and 12th. Bob Inler in the W T O P Traffic Center. Very quiet around the region. We have dry roads for now, and so we're in pretty good shape on the Beltway, in both Maryland and in Virginia. For those going to the eastern shore the day before the 4th of July, there is a crash blocking all eastbound lanes of Route 50 in Cambridge at the Choptank River Ridge. Still working on that truck crash there. At times getting my single file to the right. They've been stopped for a while, though, the on Choptank River. On 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway, all is quiet up and down 270 and traffic continues to run well in Virginia on 395, 95 and as well on 66. This report is brought to you by Maximus. Moving people and technology report. Bob Inwood, WTLP traffic. Bob, was just telling you about the relatively good traffic conditions and that is because right around DC and the Capital Beltway, we have only some light showers. But as you head north on 270, north of Clarksburg and south of Ballinger Creek in Frederick, you will find some powerful thunderstorms that are pushing right across

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