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Podcast preview On September 16th 1961, Betty and Barney Hill cut their vacation short and decided to drive home. They were having difficulty finding their way around the city and Barney decided he just wanted to drive home knowing that they would arrive at their home on New Hampshire seacoast at about two o'clock in the morning. What they saw that night in the New Hampshire sky would change everything, Uh, walking across the highway, looking not the object with binoculars. Putting them down thinking my mother can't be. Oh, I don't believe it a light in the sky. At first she thought of a falling star, But she realized that falling stars don't fall upwards and that's what this one was doing. Two years later, the hills would undergo hypnosis. I think we'll get away with this car door off like a relative with that became known the world over Dr Simon to get me a posttraumatic suggestion, he said. If I wanted to, I could schedule the star map. But I didn't want I didn't have to. So about two weeks later, I sketched. Their account has been scrutinized. Hypnosis, especially your highly have noticeable you are even more susceptible to contamination and story. By scientists, skeptics, theorists and believers wound up building a total of more than a suspect in custody in a brick town shooting. I'm brewing in in the news radio 1000 Katie Okay news center. An update to breaking news. Oklahoma City Police have taken a suspect into custody in connection with Sunday's deadly shooting in Bricktown. Margo Moreno has the story from the news desk. Oklahoma City Police have taken a suspect into custody in connection to Sunday's deadly shooting in Bricktown 23 year old disbanded, Jackson was arrested on a warrant for suspicion of first degree murder. Jackson was wanted in connection with the shooting death of 24 Year old Diamante. Simeon's police say the investigation continues and others could be charged in the future. This was the fourth shooting to take place in the Bricktown area in recent months, but the first that ended in murder a new gun crime initiative launched in Also this afternoon in memory of Tulsa police Sergeant Craig Johnson, who was killed in the line of duty in June, Sergeant Johnson was a beloved member of the Tulsa Community of this police department. And especially a valued member of one David, his squad. U. S attorney Trench shores as the new initiative will focus on reducing gun violence and prosecuting felons and others who illegally possessed by arms. DVD chief Windle Franklin says the new initiative should put criminals on notice. Let it service notice. That, Uh, if you're a criminal, and you're in possession of a gun Then we will come after you. This is another tool in our tool belt to do so. The new initiative was announced in Tulsa this afternoon is officially a settlement in the Briana Taylor case. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announcing the details today. This settlement includes a payment to Brianna's estate. $12 million. All these reforms are also part of the package, Fisher said. A commanding officer now must approve and review search warrants that are requested in Louisville. The Oklahoma State Department of Health reporting 912 new Corona virus cases in the state and seven more deaths that brings to 1091 the number of Oklahomans to have died from covert 19 since the pandemic began. 561 Oklahomans Air currently hospitalized State House Democrats are asking state attorney General Mike Hunter for a legal opinion whether Governor Kevin Stead acted within his authority by choosing to send a portion of the care. Zack funding to private schools carry LAKI reports. Democratsside A recent decision against the U. S Department of Education for similar Caress, Fund activity representative and a few gain of Del City says there are real questions regarding the legality of the governor's actions. Aces. Cara Zach dollars are not a slush fund for the governor to spend as he pleases. Crews are getting a little help from Mother Nature. The wildfire crisis.

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