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The vegas golden knights three to win their first ever stanley cup final game their own five they got swept back in nineteen ninety eight loss game one so even the series at one brayden hopi at thirty seven saves his second most postseason thirteenth win this postseason sending a capital single season record the nhl department here was asked to give their predictions online so me steve levy john pooch creston account i said capital six brayton hopi for the con smyth and last night save is the save of the year edible on if you have not seen it make sure you do see three to game two minutes to go in the game the golden knights pulled marc andre fleury their goalie so a puck down the end bouncing off the boards to alex are no i'm sorry to core cody eakin who then then hopi is playing economic one side he passes over to talk i mean there is a wide open net for talk who admits after the game he absolutely should have buried it and i mean he has point blank hope he gets his stick around at the last second if that puck is lifted at all it's going to be a goal but i don't think talk thinks he'd even needs to lift it just hit it in because it is wide open hopefully somehow some way gets his stick across and makes a save two now which they're calling it the save so we're looking for the word thing again the cat the play sanford cal whatever in sports as this is going to be thus save just the amount of strength that all the extension and to be able to hold up in just with just with the stick deflects that was incredible and it was it was what the caps needed we always say you know the series doesn't start 'til road team wins but this one was chippy all the way through to which was nice to talk about that tom wilson is a suspension that never came he was a target.

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