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Michael Hill, along with Matt Katz, W Nim, I seize mad cats. This is R W N Y C spring fundraiser and I can tell you this. The clock is ticking on our spring fundraiser. It ends tomorrow today. Right now we're raising the kind of money Keeps w n Y c coming to you. We are listener supported listener funded radio make a contribution right now. It'll come right back to you in the news and information you hear every day. Call 1883769692 That's 888376 w N Y C or visit w N Y c duh torque and look for the donate button You can give now when you will enter an opportunity to win a $2000 Amex card. That is wonderful. It'll get you thinking about where you can go on vacation. Matt Katz has details. Hey, Matt. Hey there, Michael. It's been a pleasure hanging out with you all morning. I'm here time together. But it's been so much fun raising money for W N. Y. C and talking vacations. That's because when you donate to W N Y C by seven o'clock this evening, That's our deadline on this one. You're entered to win automatically $2000 to use On the summer vacation that you've been dreaming about for. Oh, say the last 15 months whether you want to go the beach whether you want to, like maybe go to Florida. Maybe you want to visit a relative You haven't seen sometime. Maybe want to go overseas. We can help make that happen. Get in get in on this drawing. Today you could be the winner of this $2000. Amex card. When you support the news and programming that you're relying on a w N Y C. Give it w n Y c dot or Gore or call 888376 w N Y. C. That's 888. 3769692 I love the interview just now with Bryan Stevenson from the Equal Justice Initiative is a legendary public interest civil rights lawyer, a legendary Brian and it was it's fitting because we're about to Hand this off to another legendary Brian Brian Lehrer. That's somebody who I mean, He's one of these, frankly, one of the most boring people in New York City. The guy has been vetting every single candidate for mayor. He has the actual mayor on every single week for Ask the mayor. He is a trusted voice. He's a place where Conversation is convened where context and truth matters and donations from listeners allows W N Y. C. To keep Brian Lair and all this other programming on the air. It fulfills our mission of bringing you local news and keeping you connected to the stories that matter. Listener support makes up these single largest share of W NYC is funding..

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