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Confirmed this event. Casely on the surface of Mars Rover left Earth last July and traveled almost 300 million miles across face to its destination, the Red Planet and on Today's episode you're gonna hear from some of the Latinos and Latinas whose own perseverance made this mission possible people like the Ana Trujillo the night before the hallways were empty. And I am sitting up thinking about, you know, having the biggest night of my career on the next morning on getting ready for it. The steam that Edmund is I woke up super early because I could not sleep at all in the anticipation of landing on Mars. I was one of the people who was actually supporting remotely from home. So because of the pandemic Ah, large majority of our team is actually working remotely. And Alejandro Meagles and Martine, who went viral after his daughter shared with the World Alejandro's reaction to the moment when perseverance landed on Mars. Being that at home. My wife next to me, I was more free to actually be part of the experience than in the previous four landings that I was in the control room in the more ridges settings because you're doing a job on, so I think that's also.

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