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Around Piedmont park closed for tomorrow's Peachtree road race so just be aware of that I'm Veronica her out to be asleep I'm W. S. maybe your office Kirk knowledge with events one factor to pummel forecast this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds a stray afternoon or early evening thunderstorm possible but not likely hi ninety two lows tonight run seventy four tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds a forty percent chance of a thunderstorm afternoon and evening highs ninety one to ninety four on Friday mostly cloudy to partly cloudy a shower thunderstorm sixty percent likely but not raining all day hi ninety low seventy three right now Peachtree street we have more clouds and sun eighty three degrees at ten thirty seven with news on the hour and a half and when it breaks I'm Sabrina Cupid on Atlanta's exclusive twenty four hour news weather and traffic station news ninety five five and a M. seven fifty WSB depend on it my goodness you know what I love managers on top in the yeah IRA bonus don't do enough of of the studio be one that is I I would tell Jarrett say we got to start doing this like when we do it once a week I wish you twice yeah I was thinking four times for yeah yeah what about W. T. F. I just cut it just completely cut it you know so well I kind of agree automatic walk away on a to walk away so you cut W. T. as always take care of this kid what else should we cut through the other things we should cut we get along the two thousand in this for a few years leading segments that are getting maybe we should do a poll willing for five things that we do is segments and and give the the audience the right what I could do Paul Stanley they're not gonna do maybe the conspiracy to us that the conspiracy just might okay could be on the end table we just re re tool that it works.

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