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Jersey still quiet forty two to ninety five the turnpike and route fifty five mass transit is on a quest to schedule just a job I can get rid of any twenty four hour traffic center all right now the eyewitness weather five day forecast we go live to CVS three meteorologists Tiffany Simona we've been talking about those winds all day long how long they could be with us you know we're going to see these Wednesday with us through the afternoon and then they'll start to let up just a bit the night before we look at much quieter conditions tomorrow so that when advisory remains in effect until six o'clock tonight we could see wind gusts up to fifty miles per hour so hopefully we don't see many power outages because of this but that is certainly a possibility mix of sun and clouds today not bad for the thanksgiving day has run fifty one tomorrow morning if you get out early to go shopping it's going to be cold or talk about temperatures around thirty two wind chills in the twenties and then tomorrow afternoon is looking chilly as well highs around forty five degrees on Saturday has around forty to you and then a rain snow mix possible early Sunday before changing over all rain highs around forty five and light rain and snow showers still possible on Monday with highs around forty three right now in Philadelphia we are partly to mostly cloudy and at forty seven all right thanks so much it's nine thirty five well as millions of people travel for the holidays and major storms are creating big problems thanksgiving eve blizzard stranded drivers and truckers and forced the closure is of any highways in southern Oregon and northern California K. X. already owes a net new Walter blizzard forced to shut down that lasted for hours from southern Oregon to northern California dozens of miles of four major highways in the cascades also shut down the worst on record according to the Oregon department of transportation's Gerry leaving I've been with this agency nearly twenty years I can't think of a thanksgiving this bad though most.

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