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I agree? I think that you know that's the time when you're going through some kind of grief or loss where you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet and you feel at a and I think that practicing discipline of self care can be a way of just a you know almost leg nurturing yourself in taking care of yourself through that tough time and you know you don't mean to make any drastic changes but just reminding yourself that you need to get enough sleep that you need to still be eating that you need to be talking to someone about your what you're going through that you need to keep the prayer life going even if you feel mad at God for what happened and I think that self care can kind of guide you through again at a loss. I don't know what to do but I know I can at least take care of myself until I kind of figure things out and you're not being selfish right. No I mean I think when you think when you think about the oxygen mask analogy or when you see healthcare as that external sign of knowing God's love for you God loves me for as I am right now with my imperfections and everything and he's not saying all of you when you perfect. He sang a lovely right now. And I think if we truly recognize that I think we would be just glowing right. I think we would see no. I need to get enough sleep select. I am ready for the next day that I can. I can do it. God called me to do so that I can be the best instrument for what he wants me to do in the world. I know I need to get enough You know proper nutrition or I know that it needs to be managing stress. Because if I let my best then God can use me in the best way Julia. This is a fantastic work and I wish we had more time. Any final thoughts You know I think the most important thing that maybe to take away is. It doesn't have to be an overwhelming task to practice self care and it doesn't need to be intimidating and it's not something that is only for people who have some sort of special talent for it. It's something that we all need. Something we can all do and my hope is that my book was able to translate that in just a digestible. easy to implement way. Keep writing those research papers will you? I will them we please submitting them into the universe right. Yeah that's right to keep doing that because universities have benefited from it tremendously and the Holy Spirit and again. Thank you so much with Julia. Marie Hogan we've gone inside the pages of it's okay to start with you to learn more about this book or to obtain a copy. Go to OS FEET DOT com. The website ports publisher our Sunday visitor or you can find it at any fine Catholic bookstore. You also can visit Julia's website at Julia. Marie Hogan Dot Com to hear and or to download this conversation. Along with hundreds of other spiritual formation programs visit discerning hearts dot Com. This has been a production of discerning hearts. I'm your host. Chris McGregor you help them. If this has been helpful for you that you will. I pray for our mission. And if you feel worthy consider a charitable donation which is fully tax deductible to help support our efforts but most of all. We hope that you will tell a friend about discerning hearts. Dot Com and join US next time for inside the pages insights from today's most compelling..

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Marie Hogan Dot Com, Julia, Marie Hogan discussed on Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

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