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Ninetythree wibc rob kendall the rob kendall show thanks for joining us happy sunday let me on twitter at robin kendall yes wednesday is the fourth of july and for so many people it means you know the fireworks the cookouts the swimming pool all those sorts of things and and those are all wonderful i think there are absolutely fantastic but wanna spend our final segment together today talking a little bit about the fourth of july and most importantly talking about the people who gave us the fourth of july we discussed earlier in the program that the constitution the basis of our country is the greatest idea ever conceived by man because the beauty of our governing document is not only that it exists and all the abilities and freedoms that gives us it's that it puts the people in charge of the government the first time in the history of the world the people were able to tell the government what to do and not vice versa it can be fixed it can be ratified it can be changed for anyone who complains about the government in this country if they're not doing something to change it they are the problem because the document it's hard it's difficult but it can always be fixed and we have set up a system of government in this country not just at a federal level but also a state level and also local level in which you can petition those you have grievances with without fear of execution you can.

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