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Involved shootings readings in the light they're calling on Jackie Lacey to resign or a to make significant changes in the way he runs the DA's office prosecutes police I also went ahead and spoke with some of the protesters today among them a German name Anthony Clark listen to what he had to say one of the main reason I'm out here because the tired of it my mom has been a victim of police brutality and still have the chance to to this day and it happened years ago and part of it I'm here to make a statement I'm here to make my mark and you know use my voice so Benjamin is removing into dusk now what is the mood like there well I gotta tell you Larry it's been a rather warm day especially for downtown Los Angeles the crowd is still energetic but a bit subdued and I want to also point out a change in police and deputy tactics today so what I've seen I've been downtown Los Angeles since the weekend Larry what I've seen today is much less visibility of uniformed officers much less visibility of national guardsmen that's kind of a and they've been more lenient with folks kind of taking over the streets now I am noticing now as the as the date gets darker there are more offices kind of moving in there and they formed a little containment area just north of north brought on north Broadway street just north of temple hospital emergency will happen when the curfew approaches in a couple hours but I definitely some different tactics today on the heels of some announcements from all America city about possible reforms the Los Angeles Times he mentioned what dimension law enforcement what is their mood right now tired it looks tired I've walked by national guards men sitting on Humm vees Yanni any there was one gentleman who was smoking his vape pipe there's joking around I mean they're they're they're tired they're definitely tired but relaxed they seem more relaxed and that's because we've seen now for several straight days peaceful demonstrations in downtown Los Angeles find out what's next for protesters after this that's a good question I could I was asking that it just we just south in the in the lawn area there are city hall like what's next would you guys want to do a lot of people are telling me they're going to back tomorrow and the next day and the next day until they see the reforms that changes that they're asking for but again it's unclear exactly where this movement goes now we're still in the early stages but still plenty of energy perhaps buoyed by folks being cooped up at home for several months because of the corona virus and now this anti explosion of anger frustration and and pain sparked by the death of George Floyd and.

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