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Two and three jobs. Jim what's people have two and three jobs and one of the can't afford of dollars for an emergency so okay. let's move on to a story. That is fascinating because we've all seen this around boston. And it's all around the country Businesses particularly restaurants moving outdoors because of the virus. But the question is who owns the sidewalks. Now corey corby camera. Turns out that i was very surprised to hear this. The the sydney may on the sidewalks business owners responsible for maintaining them and repairing damage. And that's good and that's bad i. It's good because you can hope that the business will be responsible but it's very bad because the city for example new york city just announced last week that with all of the great sidewalk dining And the necessary barriers that the restaurants have to put up between their tables and the sidewalks. That comes snowstorms. The city is going to require the restaurants to disassemble. Take down all those bears. The cost them a lot of money in labor. Figure out how to stash them until the snow melts so that the city can have access to plowing it. So that's one of many things. That are a real problem. The american with disabilities..

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