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55 powered by maximus, moving people and technology forward. They've Preston always good to wrap up with a win. Yes, nationals blast San Francisco 11 6 getting homers from lane Thomas Riley Adams just sag raised together 5 hits over 7 and 6 allowing two runs for his third victory in four starts. When you go out there, every outing put the team in a position to win. So the offense is doing their job and so for us, it's not about striking out the most guys when you're up big. It's about getting three outs and back down on repeat. So for me, today, that was the mentality that I had. Always nice to work with a bit of a cushion and grace first 7 starts the Nats played at just 14 runs 11 yesterday. Orioles edge Tampa Bay two one dean Kramer strikes out four over 6 scoreless innings his ERA is now under 5 NBA playoffs defending champ Golden State, defeats the Los Angeles Lakers one 21 one O 6 avoiding elimination thanks in part to draymond green's 20 points and ten rebounds in New York earns another 48 minutes by beating Miami one 12 one O three. NHL plans Toronto stays alive with a game four win at Florida Edmonton knots up its series with Vegas at two games a piece. Thanks to their game four victory, women's soccer, the Washington spirit beat Orlando four two in the NWSL challenge cup group play and in WA WNBA preseason action mystics edge Atlanta 88 76 17 points for Elena delle donne. Dave Preston WTO sports. And coming up on WTO developing this morning, another busload of migrants has arrived near the vice president's residence in D.C. today. 7 56. When they're investigating

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