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Right and his legend. Check it out this morning. And his day when he was drafted. There's only twelve teams right sits in the west and east. He was twenty seven rounds. In those days, you know you had to two hundred forty players who all twelve teams. In other words, same as it is that they accepted, fewer around two hundred forty the magic number. He was crafted in the seventeenth seventeenth round. And I remember when he was Alabama quarterback you play. Both plays defensive guy can quarterback under there by and I remember the distinctly way the the really the ice game that if you remember that the ice, the ice boy is twenty five below zero in Green Bay playing against Dallas cowboy cowboy Tom Landry, and of course, the great man rocket greatest football coach of all time, then somebody, and the, the ice bowl, you could see on television, the bench over there for the Dallas Cowboys, they had these gigantic fan blowing hot air to, you know, to the bench of Calloway, and he looked like nine okay, the north with all this close. And when you look across the field bardy, and the guy's Green Bay sitting on a bed. Was not known at all. They were they were only slows instead of Georgia Andrei that was lost to toes in it game from frostbite it was and the last man to man that scored the touchdown to win the game. Guess who star as we all know that took the first time that the NFL was into playing the AFL 'cause they really didn't start really into the core. Assistant coach Terry, but nineteen seventy it was all one way that when they win and sick. While I didn't know them personally but I know one thing about him off the field. He was just like my boy works on this very, very humble. And I want to express my deepest sympathy to his family. I know believe remember correctly Jody he hosts his son to suicide years ago. He excellent, excellent man both on and off the field. There's only one God at every got in an argument with with on buddy at man. The gravitas to do, so you mentioned the ice bowl there has since years after the fact, the famous quote came out that before the Lombardi Bart star scored two game winning touchdown. When over to the sidelines in knows freezing cold conditions and said to Lombardy, hey, I think I can sneak it in. And as the legend and story goes Lombardi looked him in the eye and said, will in go ahead and do it. Let's get the hell out of here and he, did he ducked behind his offensive linemen, and just got over the goal line in the Packers won one of the most historic games, we, we knew it was historic then. And it has only grown over the decades since when the Cowboys on the frozen tundra times. Chris Berman say that over the years on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Quick side, and we'll get back to Lombardy. I've actually been to lambofield twice. Twice. I went to see Packer games playing eagles. Both times when with travel groups from Florida out to see it both times in the earlier half of the season. One time week two of the NFL season. It was eighty two degrees. I got a sunburn I wore a short sleeve shirt, I think long pants on. But I wore short sleeved shirt, and I came back the next eight the back of my neck because we were sitting on the side of the field where the sun was setting so the back of my neck and my arms will both sunburn. I went to Green Bay to get it son, but you don't you? Tundra of Lambeau Field. Noth Jody mcclinton Green Bay and got a sunburn the other time I went at least it was again early in the season but at least it was a night game. So there was a little bit of a chill in the air, not the pros and tundra. I can guarantee you that as a matter of fact, we stayed in the walkie walk into a bus up the next day. So he got in on Saturday night and Sunday. We had nothing to do because the game was until Monday night. We went to a brewers game because you're staying in Milwaukee. And Randy Johnson pit for the Seattle Mariners that day walked up. Got tickets these even need this, the it was late in September Seattle wasn't in Milwaukee wasn't in it. So we walked up and got like twenty rose off to field. Tickets for face value. Whatever was we got to see the big unit. But I did make Green Bay twice. Never saw the frozen tundra. I didn't see Bart Starr. I barely remember Bart star as an NFL player because I started watching the NFL. Nineteen sixty nine jets won the Super Bowl. So, yes, I was a we lagged and I do remember some of it by then the Packers had already won the two previous Super Bowl. I remember star in those two Super Bowls, but he was even better the net prior to that late sixties late fifties, into early sixties was when Green Bay was ripping off championship after championship after championship. And here's the thing about Bart Starr, I go to NFL reference dot com pro football reference dot com, and you look up Bart Starr's numbers. They so pale in comparison to what the quarterbacks are doing in the National Football League. It's ridiculous. Now you just have to realize that the game has so drastically changed from the time that part star played from nineteen fifty six to nineteen seventy-one that he's like the greatest quarterback of Zara only did was win championship. After championship after championship. And he oftentimes led the league in passing completion percentage, that doesn't change your completion percentage numbers aren't going to change. But total yards Bart Starr's high watermark in the National Football League. Hey, through four twenty four hundred and thirty eight yards in nineteen sixty two. That's like seven good week through a quarterback now in the National Football League seven he played fourteen out of the fifteen games that year and he got. Fourteen hundred fourteen games they only played fourteen he played off what that seven games now with the way they throw the football with the fact that wide receivers aren't being mauled by guys as they come off the line of scrimmage, the rules of changed the thought processes changed the way they moved the ball in the National Football League is changed. They don't run the ball like they used to in the National Football League. So if you just look at the numbers that part star has and compare them to say, oh, I don't know, an errand Rogers, who is the quarterback degree may Packers now not even in the same neighborhood. They're not in the same stratosphere Rogers numbers warm stars numbers. Star was a winner. That's all you could say about Bart Starr was he was a winner. He knew what it took he Lombardi combined the Packers knew how to run the ball and throw away. Add to they didn't throw it downfield. They threw good short safe passes and to talented wide receivers and tight end to make plays and turn it up the field. That's what Bart Starr was so don't for you millennials out there who think that the answer is always in statistics that if you look up statistics a one player compared to another, you can tell. But no, not if you're trying to compare someone who played fifty years ago to today's players today's game and today's numbers baseball numbers change somewhat. We're in the midst of a change now where everyone is quote unquote, worried about low and Changle aka upper cutting. That's what I call it, and it strikeout some more acceptable, but home runs more. Plentiful. Yeah. There's a pretty good change in baseball, but it's still sixty feet, six inches and is still on a pitcher against a hitter. A lot of things about baseball, the same as they were fifty years ago basketball has changed greatly. It used to be a slower moving game with guys wed different kinds of skills. Now it's tremendously athletic game but the shooting has come back into it hockey is hockey. They played a little less physical than they used to it used to be more and grind and not afraid to drop the gloves as much in the National League. But if you talk about the biggest change in sports. Over the last fifty years, it's the level and the way in which offense in the National Football League's created as compared to what it used to be it's just completely different. And the NFL is three's of change not the athletes gotten faster which they have and, or stronger, which they have. It's the fact that the league decided that they were going to put rules in effect.

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