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You're talking about but the physical stuff folks may not like to do it. They don't necessarily want to go to the gym But that's the easiest thing to confront right. I'm out of shape okay. I need to get into shape versus mental toughness and emotional toughness. You're doing some very serious and often very unflattering self examination and making some very tough choices So that's the one that we tend to shy away from the most at the least appealing of the of the Three gotcha understood. We're speaking greg. Everett tonight on sports. Talk new york now these times very troubled times. We're in what advice do you have for somebody who's finding it real hard to be tough these days during covid nineteen. It is tough a lot of us. Have you covered that Security we imagine we had was not really what we thought Finding a lot of boomer abilities exposed so the best advice really is that We have so much control over how we view our experiences how we actually experienced life. That's based on. You know our perspective and our attitude about things and the the point to keep in mind is that having that better perspective. That attitude doesn't make unpleasant things pleasant right. They they could still be miserable. But you're willing to endure those things because you know that you're going to be able to use them to your advantage at least in the long term. So you have a proactive mentality about it. You know what. Can i learn from this. How am i going to get better for the next unpredictable You know the adverse experience You know how. Am i going to explain this to my benefit rather than sitting back and feeling like the world is just coming crashing down onto. You've been something that's been put upon you some kind of burden and so looking at even you can find opportunities in in tough situations and and use them to your advantage as much as possible right. We turn it in from a loss into a win. I i could see that and some of your Some of you teachings in the book now in the in the book you talk about four cs of toughness. I'll tell us what they are. And which one do you think people generally struggled with the most. The first one i call character and that is our identity with with Include our value. You know what's truly important to us but then also importantly is our security that identity So we don't just who we are what we value but we really trust in that..

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