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Pay for the car you want and see what other people paid for it, too. When you're ready to buy a new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car. Buying experience. Now, your ABC six first warning weather, mostly sunny, mild today, the high seventy six degrees, clear and cool tonight, the low fifty five clouds increase on your Wednesday, spotty rain shows up late in the day. Tomorrow's high seventy eight weather's powered by the basement doctor, mostly sunny now sixty four and Hilliard's sixty six at your severe weather station. News Radio six ten WTVN to seventy east remains closed from seventy-one, Ellum creek, dry due to a fatal accident early this morning. On the south side dot says, all lanes westbound from Allen creek, or now open ramps from seventy one north and south to two seventy east are also closed along with ramps and Twenty-three north and south to two seventy east Columbus. Police have released thrown version of video shot last Friday were police officers seen punching a bystander that he was shot by another bystander was viewed over twenty thousand times, it'd be six. Brian Magic's Jonathan Robinson was at the center of the confrontation, Columbus. Police say they went to the nine hundred block of how avenue to investigative report. A shots fired in the area. Robinson the man struck by officer Johnson told us, he was worried about his wife safety. The police video released late Monday consists of three body, cams and to cruiser cams. Robinson was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with official business. The police video can be seen now at six ten WTVN dot com. Investigators have identified the body that was pulled from the side of river near long born Sunday, forty year old Damon farmer was found by a boater over the weekend near the site of canoe. Livery officers believe farmer jumped off the green lawn avenue bridge on may twenty seventh his body ended up seven miles downstream from where he was last seen. The White House is dismissing internal polling that reportedly shows President Trump lagging in some key states against former vice president, Joe Biden. I look, I think the polling got it completely wrong in two thousand sixteen. I don't think it's right now I'm not into a lot of details. But we feel incredibly good about what the president has been able to accomplish in the first two years, and talking with reporters today, press secretary, Sarah Sanders supposedly twenty sixteen election were wrong argued the president. And a very strong position heading into twenty twenty both Biden in trouble. Be an Iowa today. State considered key to election victory for both sides, state, medical board of Ohio consider whether to add anxiety and autism to the list for, which a person can qualify for medical marijuana the of medical marijuana dispensary says it's important that medical marijuana gets into the hands of patients who need it in order to get it right in order.

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