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I've vague memories of doing time trials and so on and the border. So when he was living in Scotland hit a an injury. Made to be turned him onto the bike. Right. Remember stories, and I've seen pictures of all these cool bikes that he was given. I don't think he really remembers to be honest. I think he people are on their remember him turning up ten mile time thrones and things like that. Are these could be urban legends known? But I'd love to stay to these because I know dad's like he's just he's memories questionable dawns. Love to hit. I can imagine you probably. Of these ten mile John Rodgers absolutely destroyed everyone in like a horrific position. Just just putting out an is not of once just nine dad. Dabbled with Joe Athlon and try and try because he's terrible but I- draft on and cycling off to running. Just why he did that. I think just to just to keep himself all keep on trying to transition himself out of this life is an endurance athlete. And I think he was quite good. And I think you're right. I think he had a bad bike accident. Really bad someone opened that door on him. And I think that was the end of it. Taught not only scared, but it actually did some serious damage. So those that do remember that reading about the as well think it was covered in the in the papers and scold. On beaten, surely. Coco through Steve coming out to the goal that Great Britain. Silva? And what was it like for you? Then as a runner as from being the son of CBA vet was on was on a positive thing was a pressure or did you don't really feel that. The question. I get off the law, actually. Security. I would just sort of fight off on a deal on. I I just got. got. On my own sort of man, you know, I'm doing my thing. And yet he was what he was. But I don't know looking back at it. Now is this sort of eight nine ten eleven twelve year old, you know, competing at a level as you could at that age. I think it was whether I liked it not the is always on me. It was our number. Always introduced to the stadium is Steve vent, son. Never that. I didn't know any different. But in my mind is like I've got a massive advantage diva. That's my father. He's my coach. None of these guys have that they all know that it's going to be intimidating by think I used to worry myself sick before ICES are number. My first national fawn when I was ten. We lined up house all horrifically sick of nerves before in the warm up. I said that condu- in a state he said he'd be right? You know, he's fine. And I when we go on line, and I walked up to the start to the start of the man with the firing pistol inside. So I don't wanna rice said, well, I don't conto this. And he's looked at me and Connell, loft and said, okay. Well, you can have to tell the sort of fischel efficiency. I don't wanna rice or rice, dotted Dow's at the back straight. And he was looking for sucks, Freddie, and I was walking across the infield. I just couldn't do it. And I think when you look at that. And what a terrible experience for ten year old kid to gusher we flew to that rice before back to it Iago bed. I actually won the national champs following year. I think I remember when I did winner ice, which is pretty much every rights. I did. Age. It was release. It wasn't really happy. For ten eleven twelve year old kid. I don't think that's healthy. And that was my goal. The Dow was relax supportive on. Sort of mental. I could have off all that. That was just me. And that's that's the type of person. I am. I put everything into everything. I'm doing. Yeah. I dealt with it. I learned to deal with that. But yeah, I if I compare the feeling before cycling race to to the feelings before athletics race when I was a kid..

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