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Believe, and all indications. Are according to the confession are are you familiar with the case of the two missing. Girls in Delphi Indiana just outside of Indianapolis have you heard about that one they went missing believe like last mid February sounds like now that these probably aren't related did you have any insight on that at this point there has been no connection to our understanding between those cases that's, definitely something that the state police should Indiana as well as a thorn, in Delphi or going to be looking into. Yeah we're going in to, about a year and a half since those girls were found murdered along that trail. In Delphi Indiana to this point other than one person who they Have, questioned at a prison in Colorado There really haven't been any breaks in the case despite the fact that video and images were taken of this suspect and it's been pushed out, all across the country and yet still no one has come forward or at least. Police haven't determined who the suspect is so we'll see, if there are any connections here involved and you know the fact that police asked this gentleman initially why they thought, that, he was arrested and he said Ashley Kinsley seems indicate that you know that. Was front and center on. His mind perhaps not the. Delphi situation, sometimes, monsters do get caught so Ryan. Burrow thank you. Much for. Your time. This evening. Much appreciate it all right take care If you see the. Mug shot of this guy. This scumbag, just, amazes me that nobody could catch. Him for thirty. Years up. Until this. Point and You. Gotta think that he did something stupid along the way or is it just that we now finally have the technology but he looks like a caveman I mean he looks dumber than a. Bag of crap and the other, thing that's it's sad about this story and I'm not trying to throw the parents under the bus on this one I mean they've. Lost their child but who who whips an eight year old girl walked by herself to three blocks unattended to a play date to some friend's. House I I wouldn't imagine ever leading a if I had an eight eight year old son or, daughter walk two to three blocks without any supervision and that's when she got nabbed you know it was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but it's not like it was nineteen forty eight or nine thousand, nine hundred fifty eight when we just didn't think that stuff like this would happen and kind. Of You. Know I was talking to what are you there man if I had to do it all over again I don't know if I've got the smarts or not but to to go and be an investigator and to actually know get people like this put behind bars What a. What a fantastic the other thing is has got to, be rewarding is where we're I couldn't do it you also would never be able to, unseat Sino horrible That you would have to like that to me is where I, have the biggest respect for these investigators. The things they have because you have to present the evidence so if the. Guy videotapes, him doing. The most heinous things you you your brain won't even let? You, imagine you have to watch it and you have to present that to a judge I mean my, God how could you. Sleep at night after some of that stuff well I And the other thing would. You now would, you, ever send your DNA, into one of these no dot says I mean because I was thinking about it for a while and, I'm not gonna do it now because here again I know. I sound probably like a Kook but what are they doing with all, this free DNA that they're getting set. Exactly you're sending them their DNA from all over the world and you could. Say well, you could. Pick up that stuff anyway I don't know man but I? Just, I In a few years we're gonna find out there doing something, creepy and, disgusting with our DNA and who knows. What the hell that's traffic and weather every ten minutes on, the tens from.

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