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Been a chaotic night with many young people in hysterics near OSU's campus. Battalion chief Steve Martin of Columbus division of fire tells us that 15 to 45 students were on top of a roof when it collapsed overseas now Ukrainian officials say at least 23 people are dead, including children after Russia's latest wave of missile strikes across the country. Correspondent Charlie Dagenham is in. Russia's heaviest bombardment in weeks comes ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive. Officials say everything is in place, but it may depend on the weather, and it's been raining heavily here for the past two days. Pope Francis is in the midst of a visit to Hungary and his activities included a rally with young people in Budapest. CBS's animatrix is traveling with the Pope. An enthusiastic crowd of over 10,000 young people met with Pope Francis in Budapest, sports arena on Saturday. In an atmosphere more resembling a festival than a religious event and animated Pope Francis told the young people to aim high in life not to be lazy couch potatoes, but to be active and authentic people who serve others on a triangle CBS News Budapest. And happening this hour, the Pope is celebrating mass in front of the Hungarian parliament. He set to return back to the Vatican later in the day Sunday. This is CBS News. Higher with minimal effort and maximum success with indeed, their powerful hiring platform makes it easy to attract interview and hire candidates all in one place, visit indeed dot com slash credit. It is three O three on your Sunday morning. Thanks for being with us. Welcome. Tempts in the 50s still sunrise. Good morning to you. I'm Ralph, Fox top stories we're following for you at this hour. An IT professional at the university of Maryland is now under arrest for a host of child pornography related charges, the according to Maryland state police. 41 year old William Gomes velkov was arrested Thursday this following a Maryland state police computer crimes unit investigation that started back in February. He faces ten counts of possession and three counts of distribution of child porn. The university of Maryland's website lists him as the acting director of the enterprise software engineering unit in the school's IT department. The school confirmed that an email to WTO that Gomes has worked for the university since 2004 and has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. It is three O four speaking to a room full of people earlier this week. Montgomery county superintendent monifa mcknight explained how the school system evolved from segregation to its current diverse student body. We became more diverse, not only in color, but also in the country's our residents came from. The churches and synagogues and mosques, they attended. Whom they loved. That superintendent monifa mcknight detailing Montgomery county's evolution. We have not always done the right thing, but how we have treated one another on the basis of religion, race, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Mcknight says the number of hate incidents in schools is rising. She says more training for teachers and curriculum changes for some grades are part of the county's response to the rise in Hayden's. Scott gelman WTO P news, three O 5, Virginia's Department of Education is seeing big delays in processing, license applications. This for teachers in the state also it has some concern that could either lose their jobs or not get hired if their applications are not processed in time. The Washington Post reports some teachers are seeing months long delays, the education department says staffing shortages and process changes are behind those delays. And a party in petworth becomes an instant Saturday highlight. I'm a first timer, not a frequent flyer. Dustin Picard says despite a weeklong wait porch fest exceeded all expectations. Very cool vibes having the whole neighborhood out here and just bumping around. There was a little something

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