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Third down. I believe in and the guy ran into his offensive lineman's button. Basically fumbled the ball away. All I'm Mark Sanchez. And it sealed the victory for Kansas in this one Kansas state now goes to Fort Worth TCU a nine and a half point favorite here. At the golden nugget, Joe forty six. The total. I don't know about this TCU team. They're struggling mightily. They are. And I again, I think Gary lost his team he kicked off Turpin. Sean Robinson hasn't played in a couple of weeks candidate here. They're gonna look to run the football with Alex Bornes slowed down, the tempo, and I just can't back TCU in this K state as a dog on the road in the big twelve game. This is a team that they match up well against they came in two years ago and got this victory in Fort Worth dominates. I'm gonna lean Kansas state for me. It's all about the numbers because I thought I'd like TCU in this game. A man at nine and a half. I can't leave that here with them struggling so much on offense, given the Wildcats. All right, then we've got uconn won six one against the number one in seven straight out. Now, here's Tulsa the home team there one in seven straight up at three and five against the number. So we'll see how things pan out again, very windy there in Tulsa as well. Golden hurricane minus eighteen on their home field Joe against the huskies of Yukon, fifty eight and a half the total. Better offense in Tulsa again. Randy Edsall does not have this team in your number one in the defense much better defense in Tulsa, only giving up twenty points per game Yukon, given up close to fifty give me Tulsa way in the points at home in this fog, and can I mean know tosses lost twelve straight games against that Bs opponents. And now that not only do they have to break that losing streak seventeen or eighteen points. Gimme Connecticut Air. Yeah. It is tough till eighteen when.

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