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Yeah. Baby. So great piece in the American thinker this morning, again, people are catching onto this. Finally, I want to read to you some snippets about what's going on. And why this will impact your second amendment rights and why it's a template for moving forward. Folks. They are at tacking the electoral process in Florida at the top of the ticket, creating a big a big scene. We need recounts Broward County can't come up with their votes Palm Beach county. You've seen all the coverage. I'm not here to to to get what you can get on on the cable news channels. I'm here to provide to us some stuff you may not hear anywhere else. I want to applaud again FOX for finally for a lot of them covering this story. It's the Ag race. That's the big deal. It has already been stolen of the mad Caldwell. The Republican candidate was a big. Advocate for the second amendment. The democrat Niki freed ran openly against second the second amendment against the NRA. She was leveraging all of her political power to try and attack the second amendment in Florida. And it looks like Nikki freed may pull this thing out because of these eighty thousand votes that has Matt Caldwell acknowledged on FOX and friends this morning just magically appeared now from this piece in the American think of this morning, you may be asking now, although I explained a little bit to you earlier in the week, I'm gonna give you more detail. Now, why does the agriculture Commissioner's race matter? What does that do a lot of you may be confused Joe included because Joe in Maryland who controls it the state police control the second amendment issue? The issuance of what is it see Q ws or something that I h I forget what they're called in Maryland. But the state police controls it, and that's pretty common across the country state police or some licensing service division of. Icing. Not here in Florida. The agriculture Commissioner controls now let me read from the peace quote from the Sobieski PC American thing, which up at this show note read it send it to all your friends say heads up fellas. This is what this is really about. Ladies quote as the Tampa Bay times notes. Florida's unusual in that the Florida agricultural Commissioner. Anton Anton. sherline we rather than the courts or other law enforcement is the entity that regulates and controls things like concealed carry permits. They go on from the Tampa Bay times if it seems unusual for Florida's department of agriculture and consumer services to handle concealed weapon weapons permits. That's because it is unusual. Nearly every other state gives the job to the police or the courts the NRA had lawmakers quietly moved the division of licensing this is from the Tampa Bay times. I've just quoting now they say sound so nefarious quietly moved quietly move, the division of licensing which handles a concealed weapons permit program from the Florida Department of state to the States Department of agriculture in two thousand two so that the program was answerable to an elected official. Here's where it gets interesting freed this is the democrat candidate Joe who's now up in the votes when it looks like a very suspicious set of circumstances. Nikki freed in conjunction with Andrew gillum, the democrat candidate for governor and Sean Shaw the democrat candidate for. Attorney general are pushing the gun control trifecta the elimination of stand your ground banning quote assault weapons and targeting concealed weapons permits. Wow. Folks. What did I tell you? What did I tell you? Well, that is a sucker punch to the goats isn't always isn't it for you You need need that. that. Acitivity puzzlingly is and it hurts. The agriculture Commissioner the democrat now up who is an openly anti second amendment anti NRA disclosure. I work at enter ATV. I don't work for the NRA for the thousand time, but I don't want to create any potential conflicts into your head. Folks. This was always about the concealed weapons permits process. Now, you may say if the democrat Nikki freed, and this very suspicious set of electoral circumstances that she's now quote winning right? I have to put air quotes because who knows if she's winning or not when actual legal votes are counted. Right. If she gets an office, what can she actually do?.

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