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For real. They rolled into Nashville fashionably late, ready to responsibly party in the honky tonk masked up as required. She and the birthday boy. Marcus Robinson just needed to check into the hotel. But the bars while they've re opened still have to close at 10 30 like Twilight Zone. We went in with full Godric's come down like everybody go like some haven't Life has not returned to normal in time for the Labor Day weekend, But many local governments are lifting restrictions to resuscitate tourism activity in time for the tail end of summer. Nashville gave the green light to peddle taverns this week, allowing the human powered bars on wheels to take the streets again. Perhaps it's better than an enclosed space. But epidemiologist Melissa make feeders of Vanderbilt University says loosening rules sends a broader signal. Sometimes as we start to lift restrictions, the impression that people I'll get is, Oh, that must mean it's safe. We want to make sure that we don't give that impression because this disease is not gone anywhere. And there's a new X factor With this holiday. In many states, schools have resumed in person classes so families and friends meeting up for the long weekend are now more likely to potentially expose each other to the virus. And yet, some epidemiologist say it's worth finding a way to get together safely outdoors. Berta Hidalgo of the University of Alabama Birmingham says it could help with mental health. If you can do the safe things now before winter hits in that cold weather hits, then you'll be more resilient to get through any bad times that may come. Inside an unusually quiet Nashville honky talk. Most people are not wearing masks, but they're following the rule to stay in their seats. The band is live taking requests. They asked for some Alan Jackson Suzette Orso lives outside New Orleans and flew here for her first out of town trips since the pandemic hit her mask is on, but she's also ready to party. Keep hand sanitizer in my purse. Now that's something I never really done before. But you can die tomorrow, you know, riding in your vehicles, so you can't be live your life in fear, either. In fact, she.

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