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Talking about an incident bad was happening in but this sixty th i mean again we're talking about a very a woman and served until two thousand nine that whole period he got adulation from feminists because he was for abortion and they ignored the fact that actually killed some potty worries on the ballot may in 2017 right so i think we can go back and we can talk about how people did the other day john i'm look not only point is what i think and i said that lesson the show i think there are people who are willing to make excuses for more for political reasons i just think that's wrong on the facts okay got mikulas was something don't tell me i want my kids with that crap just answer the question right but i'm just saying we've got a decades long history of the left quitting politics ahead of women like i don't want to have to pretend that's okay because it's not ok it's not obey and it's not ok when the right does it as well and i think that we should be able to have an honest adult conversation about the fact that right now sexual harassment and sexual assault or pervasive in america that women have been hurt by it for a very long time and many meant as well absolutely and many minutes so why do we have any opening in american named after ted kennedy can you imagine only one reporter i repeat sam donaldson them with abc news only one reporter asked clinton about the allegation made uh uh abroad as a happen nobody cared nobody knew nobody carlos relevant the and when sam donaldson asked bill clinton yoga clinton said i refer you to my lawyer david kendall that was it and to my knowledge not a single reporter has ever ask hillary about the allegations made by we need a project the two weeks after the alleged rape hillary for bully intimidated she ask during the campaign by women who is not a reporter nbc quarter after that one triple eight nine seven one s a g e triple eight nine seven one seven two four three lynn is in washington dc linda thank you very much to call on the show i appreciate oh i'm glad kipi on i i find you bury encroaching on average listening to uh some of the just came to mind um you know that john mccain prides.

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