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The vatican's fountains including those in saint peter's square because of italy's drowned the vatican is on the course of shutting down its fountains right now there are a lot of them are it's obviously a way the vatican is doing its part to help rome get through this crisis book says the decision is linked pope francis his teachings only environment shutting down the fountains is also very much in the line with the pope's way of thinking about ecology uh uh you you can't waste and you have to be ready at times to make sacrifices francis lay down his fears for the future the wilson farmington in 2015 and psychological a formal teaching document meterologist say spring 2017 was italy's third dryest in some sixty years the drought has put roman risk for dress stick water rationing a measure being considered later this week by authorities for the ap i'm shoals go through figures some from world this australia's be accused by the united nations of going back out a deal to resettle some refugees who attempted to reach the country by boat foreign minister julie bishop says there's been no change either refugee policy on not cussing expression sunk sign that my understanding is is straining government's position as being cleaned inconsistent to us and not hit any change those arrangements if people think to arrive legally if they pay criminal people nick glitz and not transferred to reaching crisis centre that will not be settled straight boosted by commissioner for the united nations high command for refugees volcker turk says he felt that there was a clear understanding from prime minister malcolm turnbull that for special cases rules would be lose he didn't give us assurances because we did percent cases hit but he did agree that we would be able to present such cases and in subsequent one a new radio new jersey jackie quinn with the help of a recovering senator john mccain the senate voted to open debate on a new healthcare law president trump praised the vote at a young town oh halle ohio rally only a few hours ago the senate approved a vote to begin debating the repealing and replacing obamacare democrats are criticizing the move to force a vote on a bill that they say will delete coverage for millions of people the navy says a tense encounter.

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