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Listen to every day the michael medved show thirty four minutes after the hour on the michael medved show i have an answer to a question that i had post on the air before they have released the information that the police had been given about the suspect they were looking for and nothing in the information said the suspect was black they did not know that he was black they knew he was six foot one inch individual who had been seen hiding or fleeing into backyards that was the suspect they were looking for and by the way stefan clarke had been released from jail a just a little bit less than a month before his shooting that doesn't mean he deserved to be shot but what it does mean is that the some of the hysteria regarding his particular shooting needs to be placed in a in context meanwhile the sacramento bee has identified the two officers involved even though the sacramento police department has not yet identified them they are apparently off sir terence mirka doll and officer jared robin it mercantile is black the officer he is a native of elk grove california which is right in the area of sacramento he graduated from laguna creek high school in two thousand and three he's a patrol officer in the neighborhood where clark was killed he's worked in sacramento since two thousand fifteen after previously working for the olive branch police department missouri robin aunt apparently a white officer it doesn't say here but he has been with the police department since two thousand fourteen those those bits of information it seems to me should at least argue against the idea that this shooting was all about race in the middle of the night in other words it is it really possible in a dark backyard in that situation to recognize and then compute and then to react accordingly whether about a suspect who's race you do not know to understand that is that what people think is that because he was a black male that the officer somehow wanted to put him down i can assure you that for both officers the black officer in the white officer the shooting of stefan clark is probably the worst thing that ever happened to them this is not something that anyone in law enforcement ever wants to see whether the the victim is white or black.

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