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A am dot com and if you are watching yesterday you watched a very special in studio guests that i had who was here between eight thirty and nine o'clock renowned at magician by the name of will furniture was from jersey just that i still can't believe what he did yesterday first they made a bottle of jane of whisky first of all does the beer at a thin air i don't know how he did that and he did the most amazing card tricks i ever saw in my light if i wasn't here witnessing it i would have said there's no way this is possible but it was great to have him here yesterday and that's why i watched the studio webcam carr's in never know what you're going to see you could also listen to us live online to your alexa enabled device your mobile device so many different ways to connect with wctc thank you so much or wherever you're joining us today not a pretty day today but compared to yesterday anything would be a pretty day right we'll have a brief condition son clouds will get to the mid thirty's today tony easily most complete forecast this coming up at six fifteen tom colangelo have another traffic update force at that time as well and just one local delayed opening to pass along to you today this isn't like the schools in south jersey where everybody is close to go to a parade for a football team uh we have just one weather related delayed opening in central jersey to tell you about an that is at montgomery academy in basking rages on a ninety minute delay today his probably get the roads treated get rid of some of the sites that was a overnight that that we had the reef reza overnight on some of the local roads osce like the main roads were pretty good today but again this this ninetyminute delayed opening here for montgomery county academy in basking ridge should there be any other changes of course civil pasos along t right away phone number i.

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