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It's insurrection. The president responded by saying to his supporters. You have to go home. Now. We have to have peace in less than two hours. A curfew, which has been put in place, by D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said to take effect We understand from press Secretary Kayleigh mcenany that the D C National Guard has been deployed to take control of the situation on Capitol Hill, where hundreds of Trump supporters continue. Their protest. CBS is Steve Dorsey back with us again from Capitol Hill and Steve, You were saying that you have been taken to a new location. You had been perched just above the House chamber in the House Radio and Television Correspondents Gallery, and now you are safely elsewhere. But what's the current tone on Capitol Hill? Are things still ahead it at a high point in terms of tension, or does it look like the situations? Under more control now. From the inside. I can tell you that the police response has been very good possible. They're going room by room, knocking unlocked doors demanding entry looking for any protesters, any violent demonstrators any mobs that they might have missed? And we heard that directly from the capital Help. Press officer on the police, Uh, security person who was escorting us. Down Paul career, the corridor so many different quarters escalators as we made our way to this this other location. They said that they believe most of the core classes were gone. But now they're searching for any that could have been left as they try to secure this whole complex. Do you believe Steve? That this is the situation is Is there the sense that you've been taken where you need where you had to be relocated because it's the fear that it might get more under control more sorry that things might spiral out of control. Yes, that's exactly right on. Police told us they don't know or can't tell us when we might be able to return to our original locations. Many of us left things behind in a hurry by Capitol police. You scorn us out of our work location immediately, And as we left, we pass by glass rooms, Innovations restaurants, the bank Credit union where people were still holed up in thought. So they're obviously trying to get people off site. Lawmakers. Many of them have tweeted it that they're at secure locations. And this is all perhaps a plane in two completely locked down the entire perimeter of the capital that were protesters once night falls and once this curtain begins. Can't make their way back in. Well, Here's one reason why perhaps police are can really not ready to let the situation go back to state of normalcy. CBS isn't news is reporting the through a law enforcement source. That explosive device Was found in the vicinity of the Republican National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill. Capitol police and the FBI responded in police rendered it safe, So essentially, there's some kind of explosive device. I don't want to use the word bomb per se, but some kind of device that was meant to explode that was found in the vicinity of the Republican National Committee headquarters, which are on the House side of the Capitol Hill. Just south of some of the house office buildings off New Jersey Avenue there and the fact that this device was found that the FBI and police responded in the police rendered it safe. Would indicate that it was at a at a moment not safe, and the fact is in the wake of everything that's been going on in recent weeks, and you can think of the situation that that occurred in Nashville on Christmas Day. It brings to mind the fact that the threat is real. We know through the Fire and E. M s department here in Washington that at least five people have been hospitalized with various injuries. One woman was shot and was said to be in critical condition when she was transported to a hospital. And we heard from Zak Hudak earlier, who said that he could hear from inside the House chamber. The shots or shot being fired at a certain point and house minority leader Nancy I'm sorry, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said today that he heard something going on from his office that he heard some kind of shot being fired. And that that would indicate that there was something going on where obviously it was on toward and obviously violent. So that's the situation at this hour as hundreds of people wave trump flags the Gadsden don't tread on me Flag American flags as well, but to be sure, We've seen Confederate flags flying as the these people continue to remain huddled together. It's really remarkable to note on the platform that has been built for Joe Biden's inauguration to take place two weeks from today. And there's no indication that these people are ready to leave. Despite the president, saying in a video, which he put out about 10 minutes ago that they have to go home now that we have to have peace that we quote can't play into the hands of these people. I suppose suggestion on the president's part that his his detractors or critics might in some way, take some kind of political advantage from what is playing out. On live television is the capital of the United States is under siege. Earlier today. The proceedings were interrupted in the House chamber and Senate chamber as well when members of this mob stormed the capital building and began to essentially take over. The situation on The capital on Capitol Hill, but outside the building says she's starting to smell gas or smoke. Not sure what that would indicate or why, but that it's an indication that things are continuing to unfold before our eyes and ears at 4:30 P.m. eastern time. Let's go to Jeff for gays who is part of our CBS television coverage up on Capitol Hill calling for people to breach the capital. They they think some of them at least Like this is.

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