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So we would do wanna best play stay away from refining to sugars white sugar white flour white products and start she veggies of that nature no matter what those are things that we just masher want to stay away from and avoid as much as possible made all things of moderation obviously but as far as the area products and milk products there are a lot of people that are lactose tolerance to catch have jiri products and that's that's not a big do it all we can actually should gonna which put together a very specific plan excluding i'm very products for sure and it won't bother over when throw anything out the out of what i for sure okay that's what it and kid that that is very good in our league as i can't have any white week our wide right or anything like that and and i thank you for your time and you polled had a very unique role they can margie can't thank you match for kolya at center your work but that's interesting about what she said about certain dates with couldn't stop him yes network so we'll you know thank you know people are silly actor these are very very litman taller enter sensitive to that some are always each to pay attention to it.

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