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Mark is a role playing wizard right now. So we have to wrap up the show because he's losing it Is there anything you want to shut out. Noneya here at the end of the call. I yeah shut out. Mississippi state e. sports and more apparently the league side of it Go bulldogs nice. Google docs thank you so for the call aren't that is the show. Please no leave the stream. I need you all here after the show mark. What do you got for us. What do you want to show what. I'm saying cast spells at you until i'm ago did what else did you did. You get a hat robe. I we got like snacks inch rates and like pictures and keep stuff cute last winter. I think cute stuff. I think mark zimmerman more memorabilia than than merchants like clothing. Did you buy all the photos. All the rides new screen shot at a bunch of them. There's some pretty funny ones of may i. Apparently i make weird face like you held your phone up and take a picture of the monitor. They also send it to your phone if you have the app which you can buy off do the water market because otherwise watermark watermarks. Right you have anything else or is that okay. Well i have a big interview with ender. That is coming out possibly tomorrow that it's the first interview i think i've done in person and like a year and a half or something so that's pretty cool Everyone can see how much i've gained during the pandemic And then find a desk. Listen to now. We did it. And i said i said it's a in person interview so we were like you could still see said at the table or something. You know. you've been my apartment. There's nothing to hide behind it. Get it i have Have one of those like foldout. Tables tables probably breakfast in bed. Oh like the tv like oh fuck why trade. Inner but but classier okay. But yeah you should. You should ask the bar that and just put it over. You hide hide the belly. Hey guys it's me. I'm just sitting here at this little meal table. A i've got that going on the enter into becoming out It was quite weekend for interviews. I got declined a lot because a lot of teams were losing But there's that i'm trying to think if there's anything else i need to promote. Maybe that's it. I'm working on some cool stuff. We might have a new sponsor for hotline league next week. That will run for a little bit. No promises but if we get everything done in time and i think it's a pretty wholesome sponsor so i'm pretty excited about it so i haven't even told mark mark did i tell you about. I don't think i told you about. I'll think i think you you mentioned it. But i don't remember maybe it was a while ago. Yeah yeah all right. We'll talk about that soon. Anyway this has been the show. Thanks everyone you can listen to it. we air every monday at seven. Pm pacific please. Stop asking me when we air. 'cause i swear to god at the start. Welcome.

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