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Afternoon. Edie. How you don't swing you know, I decided because, as you said, it's such a beautiful day. Tio trying to take all this out to the patio, but it's when I tripped over the wire on the way out the door to the patio decided Tio come back inside and do it inside again. Not the best plan, not the best laid plan, as they say, But, yeah, there's a beautiful day out there as long as no one could break anything there, outside or on you. That's good. I didn't break anything. I don't care if I break something here, but not not on Lee. How you doing today? Good. Good. Good. We? Yeah. More stuff around the house and waiting for Ah, waiting for action again. We know the Yankees are playing Tuesday. You know, because They're done with the whole Mets thing, and they're onto the Braves. Do we have any idea when the Mets are gonna be bad? No, no, We really don't. Although that was positive news right before we went off last night, we got the positive news about no positives with with a Koven test, So that's that's good. And I would assume that if that continues today, as well. That they'll be back Tuesday. And that's what I think now again. I have no Ah, no confirmation of that. What's wrong? We haven't heard from the Mets have been very quiet. They haven't warned out this weekend. They can't but you would assume that if everything goes OK today they would likely workout tomorrow because it's been four days now. They haven't done anything since Thursday. So you know, get a workout in and then go back against the Marlins, and I would assume one of those games Tuesday Wednesday Thursday is going to be a double header. You have to make up the game with Miami. I'm assuming it would be Wednesday. They wouldn't come right in with the doubleheader. I don't think so. So we'll see and then the Yankees, then they have to straighten out what's going on with the Yankees next weekend, and how many games are going to play and what's going to happen there? So yeah, we talked Aaron Boone a little while ago. He wasn't sure what that schedule is going to be, But it did not, You know. The idea of maybe having to double headers next weekend did not know what is not revealed to him not to kill anybody. Christie Acker. Thank both of us for putting a good idea out there. I should say you you float that out there. Thank you. Yeah, The idea of the possibly to doubleheaders next weekend is still kind of floating out there as far as he knows. Pitching plans for the Yankees Garrett Cole pitch Tuesday as we talked about the last pitched on Thursday, so just light him up for that are Wednesday should say, and Masahiro Tanaka will pitch on Wednesday. The ones of the Braves That leaves Friday, Saturday Sunday. Now we don't know what doubleheaders air going Toby, but J. AP and Jordan Montgomery through simulated games today, and arid judge finished taking some swings in those games. He's ready to play with the Yankees play on Tuesday. If I assume that you get through today ah, you could pitch Next weekend. You could whatever word you want. You could throw while that whatever order but happened. Montgomery could pitch the first two games. Cole could pitch on Sunday. If you have doubleheaders thrown in there, you've got to figure out which of your long men or call up so everyone do They slut rush response to fill with all the guys they put on the aisle. Davey Garcia is one of the Yankees top pitching prospects and there, there's at least a chance that you'll see him when you know if there's a double header scheduled next week, he's at least among the people they're discussing. That's that's something interesting to say. How many days off do the Yankees have in September? They have they have Monday off, right? The they've got to Two. They got you OK? That's Thursday, the third because Monday, the 31st. They're they're home against Tampa right after the about Syria's. They have three years, Tampa Bay Monday, Tuesday Wednesday And then they have that Thursday off. Okay, um, you know, so they don't have August. 31st is not a in sync ofthe day, but third, But here's the other thing, And I don't know if this is possible right now, just given all the protocols right now, Eddie, but Isn't it? Isn't it? Pa. What of the other Mets off days? Isn't it possible? The Yankees were playing the home game against somebody like a a split doubleheader of some kind to get games in? I mean, if they're playing, they play one of them at Citi Field, and then they bust over the city field, playing the game there than bus back to play the night game in Yankee Stadium. I mean, it seems like a lot of hoops to jump through unit normal circumstance, but I mean, if you got games, and I don't know, I don't know if they did. I'm not sure if they do that you have. What do you have off in September? The third and the 14 14? Yeah. Eso. Those both those days are off for the Mets is well, okay. So I don't know You could. Ah, Umm you could put a doubleheader on one of those days, I guess to double Yeah, Yeah. You still got yours? I got a bunch of games to make up, so do not only hard to manage I know it's gonna work. Though The Mets have three off days in September day of the third, the 10th and the 14th. I would imagine going to lose one of those, I think, And they have Ah, off days in the 24th 31st. They've only had one ofthe day so far so well, I think if you don't want to do to doubleheaders next week Schedule a day one doubleheader on one of those mutual ofthe day's play four games next week. Next weekend to on one of the double 100 to 1 of those off days, and that's how you make up to six games like that. Well, you don't have to play to back to back double headers and wreck pitching staff's We're not going to figure it out here. I guarantee you that in the next few hours, but I think we should let's just what What do you have going? On a September 3rd date? You? Are you free that day? I don't know. I had nothing. I had nothing going on watch. I had several things going on yesterday and today is about that change rather quickly is about so Maybe we could just working around our schedule. Just a TV show up. I mean, you know, just do it. That's fine with me. You know, Yesterday we wanted Teo. Get Tony Gwynn Junior on. Have you seen with the pot breaks have been doing lately. My aunt's lame after another. Like I can't understand why the guy is busy and couldn't come on with us, whatever. He's just having trouble finding finding the balls of the stance. Get six home runs last night. Six visit that anyone they had six last night, including, including another grand slam by Cranham Worth and Grisham. Remember the kid in right field for the Brewers in the playoffs last year?.

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