Melenchon, Conoco, Silicon Valley discussed on No Agenda - 961: 'Big BRICS'


Stay walk route adam curry john c te d'ivoire sunday september third 2017 this is your awardwinning your nation meet the assassination episode nine are sex on this use melenchon celebrating conoco's less madonna's cars down tom star state everybody curry and from northern silicon valley were as hot as hell i'm john scene of orange hill man you guys burn up from the climate change up there yep directly at is that is that the predominant message i'm sorry as that the predominant messaging climate change are now really it comes and goes but people threw rocks at any one is system like dan what the xerox waves if you say it's because of climate change they throw rocks at you in california i find it so beautifully ironic that the state that is doing the most to combat global warming is apparently burning up the quickest kiss burden fairly that burma banks on fire was uh has this is this not record temperature are they gave bust san francisco record a couple days ago i think it had one hundred six in the city does because we have standing in what used to be called santa anna wins but yes as the the wind is going from east to high as member yes i remember when i had when i lived out in california or san francisco i remember this the santa ana winds and is which is the oldest term they kept some new term they did not enter women were yeah of because it's now glock global warming.

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