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Falling before the law. The law told him that this prophecy is going to be in april. Twenty twenty one in april twenty twenty one so in the vagueness of what the large told the other prophets that is going to be april jello. What here and the other one who confirmed that it was going to happen. And now he went to the lord and the lord gave him narrowed it down. That it's gonna be april twenty twenty one and there's gonna be three days of darkness and is gonna be is going to be fulfilled on april seven. Three days will climate in april seven. So many locked went look from sunday to win. Any you know. He was calculating twenty. Twenty two twenty twenty four some effect and he came up with the conclusion that the prophecy will be fulfilled. An april seven twenty. Anyone i listened to. That and i waited a waited for april seventh. Become and then one of what he said. Also in the video is that it wasn't sure what the darkness was going to be. So it's giving all kinds of scenarios of darkness. So one event back to scriptures about to moses in egypt with god defied faeroes sunguard in nine played and he used the dot as look forward into the nation. As mentioned that getting there is going to be this. This sunggal refused to give signing so grab old testament pro searches. Sunday grab Tribulation intense stitches and bring it into this time. Said there is gonna be those three days of darkness and then god say was going to do it. And now i listened in saying his tweet dot and it's not here is widely. His interpretation is his three days of darkness was different. From the other destroyers darkness histories of dominance was one Demons we're going to be outside. The the is demanded forces and so his admonishment. A warning to all of us is that we should one. We should get three days of food. We should lock ourselves inside. We should take a windows a painter windows and and lago says i'd because it is dark outside is going to be dark because demons are full outside. This is a little bit overwhelming for me. I can't even keep opening to give you the full details but my point is he said the reason god wanted to do that is that god is was was disappointed and angry. That people were were snaring is name now first of all. Listen my friends. God is not surprised. God is not surprised that speech that people sneer is name. God would not destroy. The word are caused dot on the earth because people sneer his name. That guy is familiar with people. God will bring an end to this world and those telling my friends. We heard this time and time again into both time. That didn't stop allowing ourselves to be dragged into stupidity and to into into the drug into phoebus and heresy and and and and people trying to impress us that they hear something from the lord..

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