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Minneapolis, East Texas, Jensen discussed on Houston's Morning News


Of the city of Minneapolis parting your job is to calm the situation down not to add another log to the proverbial fire six fifty time for traffic and weather together let's get you caught up on that drive once again here's a hearty we've got lots of trouble out there this morning we're gonna start on the inbound side of the East Texas you're coming up on six ten right lane is blocked and traffic backed up ten fifteen minutes worth hi you may want to use Jensen as an alternate otherwise so you'll be sitting in it for a few minutes and then if you're traveling I. ten the Katy freeway this is outbound at silver they are blocking the three right lanes and that's backed up to the six ten interchange if you are on forty five the Gulf freeway in Venice extend this accents on the left shoulder and then we've got some vehicles right in the middle of the roadway I'm already starting to back up a good five minutes worth I'm Judy hardy in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center Walmart KJRH keep cool with a R. S. twenty four hour weather center today we are looking at partly cloudy skies look like right about eighty nine degrees Brian Devonshire sunny clouds.

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