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Up off the field to beat writers watching practice. But Zach scout performed really well, last year I don't think it should be surprising exact pascal open the year ahead of Michael Pittman that's for the competition lies though it doesn't seem that the competition lies with Peres Campbell who seems to be locked already into that number to receive a role in really sort of fits the bill of. A player that Philip rivers could fall in love with really dynamic over the middle's playing the slot a lot Way Faster than Keenan Allen. But you know a guy that is going to be a high percentage target. The the colts are not gonNA. Have a ton of pass attempts. This year are going to be I think the top five teams terms rushing? It's of Paris Campbell is absolutely a game-breaker and that was his game I remember watching him owning out of Ohio state in. The first thing I watched it was like his top is twenty most explosive plays from his final season last, they were all drag routes and Just. All kinds all all stuff that occurred within five yards of the line of scrimmage. In And I think that's how the the colts. If you watch that that the draft. The Youtube show on the colts your they drafted. Paris Campbell. Twenty. Nineteen Frank Reich when they got him, Frank Reich was like jumping cherry actually to take the head to second round picks that year the other second round pick that the US earlier. Chris Ballard wanted. To say was Ben Bonna agoo out of Tcu like a linebacker like an edge and then and I think Frank Right? You could see frank rockies shouldn't tear disappointed and then they had another second round pick later.

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