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Kfbk. Plenty of plans today. Included in recent days with a few showers around that a high of 52 to 56 to be a shower or two early tonight, Otherwise partly to mostly cloudy overnight with a little 42 44 clouds will give way to sunshine tomorrow with a high of 56 to 60. Macular meteorologist Joe Lundberg News 93.1 KFBK. We're showing rain and 46 degrees in Roseville, 46. Also in Sacramento and Kristina, This may just be the beginning. Here's what's trending on this Friday morning, a serious of winter storms lined up to deliver much needed rain and snow to Northern California, meteorologist Jim Matthews, with the sacrament of Weather Service says The storm will start this morning. Obviously, we're having a little bit of a technical difficulty. We're not able to fire that sound. Let's see if we can try this again. You want to try? Yeah. Yeah, I'll give it a try, Matthew says A strong storm is lined up for Sunday into Monday, bringing even more rain and snow amounts to about nine inches or so over This here. A pass is late Sunday and Monday. This will be more impactful for travel. Any travelers over the Sierra are advised to keep abreast of the weather situation this weekend, so There's a stronger storm set up for Sunday in Monday with more rain and snow and then another storm, possibly into next week. That could bring even more water to the region. So we get rid of them grab the umbrella this morning. Potential scammers are taking advantage of the vulnerable during the coronavirus Cave because Marshall Benson has more.

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