Tony Blair, Clement Atlee, Jeremy Corbyn discussed on Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - The Trump Mixtape Dantes Inferno meets Disco Inferno


With this landslide victory this huge majority she was supposed to be the second coming of margaret thatcher the new iron lady on the right at she would destroy the labour party for a generation she was up against the worst lead a you could ever imagine a farleft a bid sixty eight year old guy nobody likes has no friend his own party eight him it would be cakewalk and germany it wasn't a cakewalk in fact she lost the majority and jeremy corbyn labor party yes they didn't win the election we must remember that sadly an interview the many but they picked up votes in fact germany they won more votes for lebanon german kobid won more votes than any labour leader in almost fifty years apart from tony blair in those famous landslides of nineteen ninety seven and two thousand and one in fact he put on more votes he increased labor vote by more than any other leaders since clement atlee 1945 so a huge achievement for a guy who was supposed to be a loser jeremy corbyn has spoken very openly in his critique of the saudis of various us wars that are backed by a gulf nations in a way that you would never hear anything resembling a viable candidate in the united states on democratic values must be maintained we must resist islamophobia and division and yes we do need to have some difficult conversations starting with saudi arabia and other gulf states funded and fuelled extremist ideology.

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