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This Thursday morning. What you need to know right now about the decision of election 2020 kfbk continuing coverage. There are reports this morning President Trump is closing the gap in Arizona, where Joe Biden continues to hold a slight lead. A final vote count from Arizona is expected soon. The latest electoral map shows Joe Biden with 253 electoral votes and President Trump with 214 this morning. The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, alleging voter fraud. KFBK is Mark Mayfield with the latest During a press conference in Philadelphia yesterday, Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani questioned the legitimacy of mail in ballots. And accused election officials of hiding the counting process from Republican poll watchers Governor Tom Wolfe says election officials at the state and local levels should be free to do their jobs without fear, intimidation or attacks and that these attempts to subvert the democratic process are simply disgraceful. Mark Mayfield NEWS 93.1 KFBK The Trump campaign is asking for a recount in Wisconsin, and they're reportedly also preparing lawsuits that could be filed in Arizona and Nevada and election officials in Arizona say it's okay to use a Sharpie. Worker on ballots. Sharpie Gate erupted on social media over the over a video of a woman who would claims she saw poll workers giving out sharpies to voters because using the markers would invalidate a vote when ink from the Sharpie bleeds through the ballot. Erica Floors with the Maricopa County Elections Department says there's no basis to that claim. That's not a concern because we have new tabulation equipment that only reads the ovals. And we have offset columns on the ballots. So even with that bleed through, it's not filling in any other oval. On the other side, Maricopa County officials say the manufacturer of their tabulation machines actually recommend sharpies. Or they're fast drawing ink. The Rockland Teachers Association is suing the Rockland Unified School District KFBK Jensen Raeder reports. The lawsuit claims the district is putting the health of students at risk Association filed a lawsuit after reopening for in person instruction six weeks ago, saying being back in the classroom is putting the health and safety of students at risk. It says the district failed to follow the safety protocols that both groups agreed Tio back in August. Rockland Unified responded to the lawsuit, claiming the district is following the state and local public health guidelines but that the teachers association is asking them to disregard those protocols, her state and local government directives. Jensen Raider News 93.1 kfbk Time Now is 805. We do this at five minutes past everywhere we run our featured audio clip. It's an audio clip. Maybe that you have not heard or seen on a local or network newscast, giving a bit different perspective on the day's news. The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits now in Philadelphia and in Georgia and in Michigan this morning alleging voter fraud by Democrats. Rudy Giuliani, who is the attorney for president, Trump says that there will very likely be even Mohr lawsuits in other locations. Here is what he said in a news conference in Philadelphia. It is our featured audio clip this hour. It is it is very, very sad that we're here in The city that's really the birthplace of our democracy. And this is among Of the most anti democratic.

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